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InsuranceWhere To Get A Copy Of Georgia Life Insurance License

Where To Get A Copy Of Georgia Life Insurance License

To obtain a license, you must fulfill particular standards, which differ based on the category, also known as a class, of life insurance you seek to sell.

In Georgia, you have to receive a license from the state to practice as an insurance agent. To start selling different types of insurance, you need some knowledge about it, and here you will get all the knowledge about different types of insurance that will be useful to you in the future.

According to the Georgia Office of Insurance, there is a 7-step procedure to follow to become an insurance agent in Georgia. You will get every detail step-by-step through the entire process, starting with the license application and continuing through the insurance exam preparation and beyond. For information on where to obtain a copy of the Georgia life insurance license, go there.

Obtaining an Insurance License in Georgia

In Georgia, obtaining an insurance license is simple. Simply adhere to the detailed instructions.

Which Insurance Licenses Are Required?

The initial step in obtaining an insurance license is deciding which licenses you require. Life and health insurance licenses are the most common licenses that newly hired insurance brokers frequently obtain.

The licenses you’ll require will depend on the kinds of insurance policies and goods you’ll be selling. Here are some examples of the kinds of insurance products you can promote with each license.

  • An insurance license for property and casualty can handle insurance for your vehicle, house, business, and other things.
  • Health and Life Insurance Licenses-Medicare, Annuities, and Health Insurance.

Although the majority of insurance producers and agents opt to obtain both P&C and L&H licenses, you don’t need both if you simply intend to focus on one of the two categories.

Insurance Pre-Licensing Education in Georgia

You must now complete your Georgia insurance pre-license education classes after determining which licenses you require.

The majority of people opt to complete their insurance pre-license course online. You will learn the abilities you need to ace the test in these courses, which were made especially for that purpose. Which courses you take will depend on the license type you select.

Georgia mandates twenty hours of pre-licensing education for every line of authority. For both licenses, forty hours of pre-licensing are necessary.

A certificate will be handed to you once the course is completed. Keep this certificate; you’ll need it for the exam.

Georgia Insurance Licensing Examination

After finishing all of your pre-licensure coursework or independent study, the next step is to sit for the insurance exam. Each line of insurance that you want to carry requires a separate exam. In Georgia, the lines of authority for Life, Accident & Sickness, and Property & Casualty are combined; hence, passing both tests is required to obtain all three lines of authority: Property, Casualty, and Life and Sickness.

This test is proctored, meaning you’ll be in a supervised setting with someone keeping an eye on you. Those who have never taken an exam in this setting should be aware of this and take steps to calm their nerves before taking the test.

The cost to take the tests is $63 for each attempt. When you arrive, you must have two kinds of identification, including a photo ID, as well as any additional paperwork that the testing center has requested you bring.

The exam, which consists of 80 questions, must be finished in two hours. For the Georgia Property and Casualty exam, you also have two hours to do, and you have to answer 80 questions. You need a minimum of 70% on the test to pass.

Before the test, you should prepare by reading until you feel confident with the material. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass the test, but you will have to pay the cost each time you take the exam.

You will receive a certificate for your success. Keep this document; you’ll need it for subsequent action. You can get more details by clicking here.

Background Investigation And Fingerprinting

All insurance license applications must submit fingerprints to the State of Georgia to be licensed. A background check will begin by providing your fingerprints. The outcome of your licensing efforts may be impacted by any prior felonies or misdemeanors.

Contact Cogent/3M to set up a fingerprinting appointment. A fingerprint card will be given to you once your appointment for fingerprinting is completed. Keep track of your fingerprint card; you’ll need it later. The cost of fingerprinting services is $53. Click here to know more.

Affidavit of Citizenship

The citizenship affidavit must be completed as the next step in obtaining your insurance license. You can find this affidavit on the Georgia Insurance Department website.

Save the form as a PDF after you’ve finished filling it out and have it handy for the next step.

Application for Insurance License in Georgia

You are now prepared to submit your license application after finishing your examinations and fingerprinting. Make sure to submit applications for all of the areas of authority for which you have passed the exam. Each line of an online application costs $120.

Collect your fingerprint card, citizenship affidavit, and Pearson Vue exam pass document. During the application procedure, you will upload documents to a specific location. You should submit these files with your application.

Examining applications

Your license application will be examined by the state after you have submitted it and fulfilled all the other conditions. Additionally, your background check will be examined.

Your license ought to be issued in less than 14 business days if everything is up to par. The process of issuing can be slowed considerably if any background check-related matters need to be evaluated. In this situation, you must get in touch with the state so that they may explain the circumstances behind the problems they have encountered.

The insurance division should send you an email outlining the findings of the review and the status of your license. If they haven’t emailed you, you can still reach out to them via email.

After passing your tests and submitting your application for licensing, you are now an authorized insurance agent in Georgia.

Employment in the insurance industry is now available to you. Your insurance license needs to be renewed every two years.

Is it possible to become a licensed emergency life insurance agent in Georgia? In Georgia, life insurance brokers cannot obtain an emergency license. With a Georgia life insurance license, what products am I allowed to market?You can offer life insurance plans in Georgia that pay a specified beneficiary when the insured individual passes away. Annuities that provide a fixed income in retirement can also be sold.


You can quickly obtain a copy of the Georgia life insurance license by carefully completing all the instructions. You must now be aware of where to get a copy of the Georgia life insurance license. Follow these steps to get a copy.

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