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CookingTehari and Beef Kabab recipe

Tehari and Beef Kabab recipe

Tehari recipe.

Tehari is a very famous food in Bangladesh.It is delicious as well as having high calories.

Just Tehari can be taken in  lunch or dinner, but tehari with Kabab or any type of fries like chicken fry, fish fry,chop increases the taste of teheri platter a lot.

Now we will say the entire recipe of tehari.

Tehari recipe :

So how to cook tehari?


1.1kg beef with bones and fat.( Piece have to be small in shape, 3-4 cm in diameter.)

2. 2 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste.

3.1 tablespoon coriander powder.

4.1 teaspoon  red chilli powder.

5.1 teaspoon cumin powder.

6.salt ( according to taste)

7.3 tablespoon curd.

8. kewra water ( 2 tablespoon)

9.1 cup mustard oil.

10.Special condiments( 1 piece of nutmeg,1 pieces cinnamon,4-5 pieces cloves,4-5 pieces black pepper,2 pieces of cinnamon,4 -5 pieces of cardamom, 1 black cardamom,1 cassia -leaf  _ blend them well and make powder.) 1 tablespoon powder is needed.

11. 10-12 pieces of green chili.

12. 1 cup onion slice.

13. 2.5 cup basmati rice.

14.1 cup milk.

Cooking steps:

1.Beef marinating:

The first step of tehari cooking is  to marinate the beef.First of all take the beef with bones and fats in a bowl.Then serially add 2 tablespoon  ginger-garlic paste, 1 tablespoon coriander powder, red chili powder,cumin powder,salf, curd, special condiments, 1 table spoon mustard oil to the beef. Marinate them properly.Then freeze  the marinated beef for 3 to 4 hours.

If you have less time or if you are in rush then you can freeze the marinated beef for 1 hour.But remember for more time you freeze the mix, the more the taste will be.

After freezing, move for the next step.

** wash the basmati rice and sink it in water and let it wait for 30 minute. Then dry it.

2.Main cooking.

Set a pan on stove in  medium heat. Then pour the rest of mustard oil on the pan.Then add 1 cup of onion slice to it. Fry it properly until the onion get brown colour.The next step is to add the green chili.Stir  the ingredients for a few moments.Then add the marinated beef on the pan.After adding the beef, stir them for atl least 4 to 5 minutes. After that, cover the pan with a lid and keep it for 30 to 35 minutes.At this time, heat will be medium to low heat.But you have to stir the beef a few minutes  later and do it again and again  with a break of 7-8 minutes at this 30 minute.Remember,there is no need to add extra water.Beef will be boiled by its own water.

After ending of 35 minute, the beef will be boiled properly.Then keep the beef curry in a bowl aside.

So, there is oil with spices left in the pan.Add some chilli on this.Stir the ingredients for a few moments.Then add 2.5 cup rice to it.The heat have to be kept in medium level.Fry the rice for 2 to 3 minutes. After that add 4 cup hot  water and 1 cup  milk.Then add salt according to your taste.Remember that, if you feel salty after tasting that this time, that means that will be perfect taste after cooking. That’s why  add salt as an amount so that if you taste is salty..Now stir the ingredients properly and wait for the boiling of water.

When the water will start boiling then add the kept beef curry to the pan.Mix them carefully.After mixing the beef with rice, keep the heat of stove to low.Cover the pan and left it for 30 minutes.Stir them after taking breaks of about 10 minute to avoid stickiness with the surface of the pan.Lastly add kewra water on the rice with beef,stir them,then cover the pan and wait for the end.After 15 minute the tehari is ready to serve.

You will have a beautiful and tempting smell from your cooking.Now time to decorate it.

Food decoration is totally depends up to you.You can decorate tehari with chill slice,onion circle.Or you can put some slice of lemon, tomato,cucumber on the dish.Tehari itself with its look and smell is very tempting dish for lunch and dinner.So too much decorations is not necessary.

Tips for the best taste :

1.The taste of tehari greatly depends on the geen chilli you use. So try to use green chilli( full, not slice) in a great number.Green chilli helps to find you the genuine taste of traditional tehari.

2.Keep the marinated beef for freezing for at least 3 to 4 hours.If marinated beef is kept for long time, the beef will be more soft and tasty.

3.Don’t avoid mustard oil.

4. If you don’t find the special condiments like nutmeg,cinnamon near , then you can use manufactured condiments.You can get the spices including all the special ingredients for tehari in super shop.The taste of tehari will be same almost.

Tehari contains high caloriies. Its ingredient beef is a high calori containing item.Beef contain to much cholesterol.Rice, mustard oil are also calorigenic.If you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc, then please avoid tehari.

Tehari is the dish for functional purposes.The people who are in diet or trying to decrease weight. The should not eat tehari.

Tehari is a delicious food.You can eat only tehari or eat with Kabab, fish fry,chicken chop,potato chop, fish finger,katlet etc.Any of these item will increase the taste of your meal a lot.

 Tehari is famous in Bangladesh.Tehari of Old Dhaka is very famous and have an extra taste and tradition.So if you want to taste one of the traditional food of Bangladesh, then tehari can be a good option for it.


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