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Fashion & BeautySkincare routine at winter: Learn aboutthe major factors

Skincare routine at winter: Learn aboutthe major factors

Winter has come. This season is loved by many of us. But many of us suffer from skin problems
during this favorite season. The cold touch of winter is comfortable for the Body but not for the
Due to the weather, some problems are created on the skin at this time. As winter progresses,
skin problems become more common. There is nothing more to do after skin problems develop.
Regular skincare from the beginning of winter will keep you fresh.

Be careful with skincare during this arrival. To keep the skin beautiful, fresh, and bright, one
should avoid excess sunlight i.e., ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, the skin will age. In that case, an
umbrella or a cap can be used.

Skincare based on skin type

The whiter the skin, the more sensitive the skin is to sunlight. Along with that, various skin
problems started. So start taking extra care of your skin from now on. It will reduce the dryness
of winter and make the skin smooth and healthy.

There are three types of skin—oily, dry, and combination. People with oily skin may avoid
excess oil in the winter, but the skin feels dry and tight after washing the face. And for those
whose skin is already a bit dry, winter is a nightmare.

Due to winter weather, the skin becomes extra dry. It can also be due to some diseases. If the
skin becomes excessively chapped and dry despite the regular Application of moisturizer, it
should be understood that there is a problem. In this critical condition, you should consult a

Identification of skin problems in winter

Firstly, it is essential to identify your skin problem in winter. After identification, you can take
proper care of your skin. Let’s see-

● The skin will look rough and dry.
● Itching continuously
● Skin will feel dry and dull.
● Skin sensation is increased
● Skin will feel tight after showering or washing your face.

● Excessive roughness on all Body
● There may be irritation.
● Skin like a nonsmooth surface
● Skin lines will become more pronounced, and wrinkles may also fall.

Dermatologist advises you to stay free from dry skin in winter

After waking up in the morning

After waking up in the morning, we have to wash our face with a face wash or soft moisturizing
soap after understanding your skin type. Apart from this, you can scrub every other day.
There is no substitute for cleansing and removing dead cells to brighten the skin. Apply carrot
juice on your face occasionally and wash it after a while. This way, the skin will be washed
properly, and reduced black spots will also be reduced.

Skincare during and after bathing

Use less soap when bathing in winter. Even if you use soap, use a moisturizer soap. It will
reduce the roughness of the skin. Body oil can be used in winter. Our country’s tradition of
applying mustard oil to the Body is ancient.

Additionally, olive oil, coconut oil, or many other oils can also be used on the Body. But before
using the oil, check whether it suits your skin. If suitable, warm the oil and massage the whole
Body. Doing this after bathing will give more benefits.

Use moisturizer or lotion while wet after showering, and every time you wash your face. It will
keep the skin moist.

Skincare before and after going out

The winter sun is very hot. Don’t forget to use sunscreen even if the sun is relaxing in freezing
weather. Use an SPF 15-30 sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before going outside. Use sunscreen
with more moisturizer, diluted with water if necessary. Applying honey all over the face in the
afternoon and washing it is beneficial.

Extra skincare for keeping your skin safe in winter

Skincare is necessary to keep the skin beautiful and soft. Regular skin care will keep your skin
smooth and soft. Today we will discuss the steps that cannot be missed to care for the skin
during winter. Have a look!

  1. Regular use of moisturizer

Moisturizer is essential in winter. All skin types, whether dry or oily, need a moisturizer. A gel or
cream based moisturizer should be used during this time. Use a medicated moisturizer cream
after washing your face with a cleanser.
Gel the moisturizer cream that is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. Many prefer
lightweight gel-based moisturizers over heavy creamy formulas. Gel moisturizers keep the skin
hydrated and help eliminate roughness.

  1. Stay hydrated
    Many people reduce their water intake during winter. It is harmful to the skin. During this time, if
    the Body is dehydrated, the skin becomes scaly and rough. Adequate amount of water should
    be consumed to keep the skin and Body healthy.
  1. Use of sunscreen
    Many people don’t want to use sunscreen in winter. Many people think there is less sunshine in
    winter, so sunscreen is not necessary.
    But sunscreen should be used even in winter. At this time, the sun has UV rays! So why skip the
    sunscreen? Use sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving the house to keep the skin protected.
  1. Makeup time
    Do not use a liquid foundation while applying makeup. Use cream foundation in winter. This is
    very important for skincare in winter.
  1. Use of hand cream
    While taking care of facial skin, many people forget about hand care. But in winter, it is
    necessary to take care of the face and hands. So use hand cream regularly. Be sure to use
    hand cream, especially after washing clothes, hand sanitizer, or dishes.
  1. Change skincare products
    Creams or skincare products that are used year-round may need to be changed in winter. Skin
    becomes very rough during winter. Nourishing and moisturizing products should be used to take
    care of the skin during winter so that the dryness of the skin does not increase. You can use
    moisturizing shower gel, Body butter for Body skin in winter. Conclusion
    In addition to skincare, it is necessary to focus on health to stay healthy. Many people skip
    baths in the winter; it is not a good habit.

Many people like to take hot baths. At this time, many people pour extra hot water on
themselves. It makes the skin more dry and rough. So take a bath with warm water. Know some
things to take care of skin during winter. A little maintenance can keep your skin soft and
healthy during winter.

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