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CookingShami kabab Recipe 

Shami kabab Recipe 

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Shami kabab.

Shami kabab is a famous beef kabab.You can make this kabab with chicken or mutton too.It is delicious and tempting.Any type of occasion, ceremony become wonderful with shami kabab.You can serve it in any type of party.Shami kabab is delicious and in restaurant it is demanding.You can make this wonderful dish at home by following some easy steps.The ingredients to cook kabab is also available and you can get these at cheap price.So let’s know the recipe of shami kabab.

Ingredients :

1.minced meat( here we took beef) 

2.½ cup or chickpea

3.¼ cup of onion beresta ( Brown coloured fry of onion slice)

4.half tablespoon of ginger paste.

5.half tablespoon of garlic paste. 

6.white cardamom 2 pieces 

7.3-4 pieces of clove.

8.1 pieces of cinnamon.

9.slices of coriander leaves – half tablespoon 

10.small round shaped slice of 4  green chilis.

11.1 slice of lemon.

12.fried Cumin seed powder-half teaspoon.

13. Garam masala powder -half teaspoon 

14.Red chili powder -¼ teaspoon

15.egg- 1 piece 

16.oil (according to need)

17.salt (according to need)

All of these ingredients are available at home. Now let’s see the cooking steps.

1.boil the chickpea.

Before boiling the chickpea, sink  half cup of chickpea in water for 5 to 6 hours.You can sink it in the morning and make kabab in the afternoon. Then take the chickpea out of water and put it on a pan.Add 2 pieces of white cardamom,1 piece of cinnamon  and 3-4 pieces of clove to it. Then add enough water.Then set the pan on the stove for boiling the chickpea.Heat will be medium to low.Cover the pan with a lid and wait until the chickpea gets dried and boiled perfectly.

2.mix the ingredients :

Take another bowl.Take ¼ cup of onion beresta to in the bowl.Then add half tablespoon of ginger paste,half tablespoon of garlic paste,half tablespoon of coriander leave’s slice, green chili slices,half teaspoon of cumin seed powder to the onion beresta.Then add garam masala powder, red chili powder and 1 egg to the ingredients.Lasty add salt according to taste.Then mix the ingredients properly with your hand.Then add juice of one lemon slice to this mixture. Mix the mixture with your hand. Then add minced meat to the mixture.Then mix all the ingredients properly and carefully. Mix it for 15 to minutes. You will see a change of colour of the mixture and the mixture will look smooth and sticky.

Make flat round shaped kabab pieces with your hand. You have to rotate the aggregation of mixture.Before doing this brush your hand with oil.Otherwise kabab’e mixture will stick to your hand and shape of kabab will be destroyed. Give all the kababs a regular shape and same shape.

Now it is ready to be fried.

3.Fry the kabab:

Take a pan on the stove.Pour oil for deep fry.Heat the pan until the oil gets hot.Then add shaped kabab on the pan and fry them for 5-10 minutes. Heat of the stove will be Medium. Stir them after some time.Do the process again and again.

When it turns dark brown, your kabab is ready.Then take out kebabs from the stove and serve it.Kabab has to be eaten while it is hot.Otherwise you won’t get its perfect taste.

Now time to decorate. XtpMju Pnb4T7ta146kPG2xVeaae6PFqUvm8xM6jPxXTngjAhvv7Lawppt9jXXgIQXKMKG3gNO40nPC

Decoration depends on you. You can decorate it with tomato slices,cucumber slices,round shaped lemon slices,onion and chilis. 

Kabab can be eaten alone or with other items.You can serve shami kabab with fried rice,  pulao,biryani and many more.Even you can serve it with noodles.

When eating kabab,have tomato sauce or mayonnaise. These will increase the taste of kabab a lot.Try to eat kabab as early as possible after cooking.Cold kabab will not give you the perfect taste.

If you want to keep kabab in frozen form,you can do it.To do that after giving the shape of kabab, take these in deep freezer and wait for 1 hour.When it will get hard, then wrap it with air tight bags or keep the kabab on a airtight box.Then again keep the kabab in deep freezer. By this process  you can store kabab for 1 month.When you want to fry, just take down from the freeze and fry the frozen kabab deeply.

Kabab is a very famous food in the Indian subcontinent. It increases the mood of the festival a lot.If you Don’t eat beef, then you can make shami kabab with chicken or mutton in the same process.

Children like kabab very much.If your child doesn’t like to eat meat in regular curry then you can make kabab and serve your child.Thus you will be able to maintain your child’s nutrition. 

Kabab has high quality protein, fat and some vitamins.So it can be a good item in lunch or dinner.People usually have Kabab as snacks. In any form or any time you can have kabab.

To cook kabab is very easy,so why would you pay for it at the restaurant? Just go to your kitchen and make this delicious dish.

Health Alert:

Kabab contains oil and beef. So diabetes patients and patients with heart disease should not eat kebab.Any person who is on a diet should not have it. Because kabab contains high calories, that will hamper your diet plan.

Tips for better cooking:

1.Take boneless beef or any type of meat.Mince them properly.If you don’t mince the meat properly, you Won’t get proper kabab.

2.Take time while mixing the ingredients.the more time you give, the more soft and smooth kabab you will get.

3.After shaping the kabab, wait for a few minutes to maintain the shape of the kabab after frying.

So now you know the recipe for kabab.Then why are you late?

The recipe has been taken from YOU tube channel. Special thanks to them.

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