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InsurancePax Life Insurance

Pax Life Insurance

Everyone should talk about life insurance even though no one wants to. Because it’s crucial, especially if you have someone depending on you for money in your life. 

Life insurance comes in many different forms, but they all ultimately give your loved ones money if you pass away. The cost of regular living, the rent, any bills or debts, and other expenses can all be covered with the money. The only way to ensure that your family will be financially secure if you pass away and your income is no longer available is to purchase life insurance. Numerous life insurance providers offer you the greatest protection. One of them is Pax Life Insurance. You may find the most important details regarding Pax life insurance here.

What exactly is Pax Life Insurance?

One of the most crucial forms of protection you will ever require is military personal accident insurance.

Have you ever considered how your family would fare financially if you were involved in a tragic accident or if an event caused you to sustain life-altering disabilities and you were no longer able to perform your military or civilian duties? Having the appropriate insurance in place gives you peace of mind in the event of the unexpected, which is not something we like to think about.

If you pass away while covered by Pax life, they will pay out a single fixed amount of money. This product satisfies your requirements and needs if you require a certain amount of money to support your family, cover your mortgage, or treat a terminal illness.

This insurance is intended for members of the British armed forces and will pay out in the event of your death or terminal illness death brought on by chemical or WMDs while on duty or under valid orders while serving with the British military. 

When you are both on and off military duty, personal accident insurance covers you. High-quality personal accident coverage is offered by this insurance, which may be customized to meet your needs.

What is the process for buying PAX Personal Accident Insurance?

Please visit your unit HR office to pick up a copy of the PAX joining pack if you want to purchase PAX PA coverage. You must fill out the Enrolment Certificate JPA PAX1 and send it to the HR office of your unit. 

Your cover will begin as soon as your unit’s human resources department has countersigned and dated the paperwork.

The PAX payments will be deducted straight from your pay during the subsequent pay period after being entered into JPA. Through your Unit HR, coverage can be modified or canceled at any time.

What makes personal accident insurance necessary?

If something were to happen to you, whether it be a fatal injury or a life-changing injury, personal accident insurance assures you that you, your loved ones, and those who financially depend on you will be supported.

Whether you are working or not, this policy can be tailored to your needs and protects you. Injuries can occur outside of the context of your military duty, such as during a night out or in the gym. Every sport and activity is covered by our policy.

What does Pax Life Insurance not cover?

  • Intentional harm to oneself.
  • Criminal activities of an insured individual.
  • An insured person who is impaired by drink or drugs.
  • Who is wounded while participating in any professional sport?

Pax life insurance has several additional advantages.

  1. Trauma-related stress disorder

Anyone who served as a PAX member at any time who is experiencing PTSD symptoms after leaving the military will have access to this service.

Upon exiting military service, you will have access to the following special counseling package:

  • Within 24 hours, a trained Therapist is assigned to the patient.
  • Up to six in-person meetings, with follow-ups at six and twelve months.
  • Family members who are impacted can receive consultations.

This counseling program will be provided by PTSD Resolution, a nonprofit organization with years of experience providing counseling to British Armed Forces veterans and their families to address mental health issues brought on by military service.

  • Insurance for legal defense

If you have questions regarding your legal rights, your chances of collecting compensation, or how to pay for any necessary action to file a claim for damages for the harm caused by a third party’s act or omission, you have access to a legal helpline through your insurance policy.

In addition, the Legal Advice Helpline can offer guidance on any issue about English, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish legal requirements.

To file a claim against someone who hurt you, you are also protected from legal fees and costs up to £100,000.

  • Liability protection for individuals

This clause of the insurance covers your legal responsibility to pay up to £500,000 for any one claim, or a series of claims from the same source, resulting in the unintentional harming of another person or destruction of their property.

As long as they have been agreed upon in writing, your additional defense costs will be covered.

Click here https://www.paxinsurance.co.uk

Do I qualify for PAX?

The PAX line of general insurance products has been designed with military people, their families, and anyone associated with the British Armed Forces in mind. Both personnel based abroad and those residing in the UK are covered.

Policies under PAX’s general insurance cover:

  • Those who are currently serving in the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, or Royal Marines, as well as reservists who work for the Ministry of Defense and their immediate families.
  • British citizens working for the military, consultants hired on a contract basis, and those assisting the military in a volunteer or philanthropic capacity.
  • Armed forces retirees and veterans who reside in the UK.

What happens if I discharge from the military?Veterans are still eligible for this benefit up until the age of 70. 

Also what will happen if I have to leave the military because of a health issue?

According to your chosen level of coverage, we will pay you a cash lump amount of up to £16,000 if you have been medically discharged as a result of an accident.


In the event of an untimely death or illness that threatens their way of life or livelihood, pax life insurance offers their clients and their families financial and practical support. This insurance is highly beneficial to the British armed forces.

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