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CookingOven baked pasta, mozzarella cheese and chicken ball recipes:

Oven baked pasta, mozzarella cheese and chicken ball recipes:

Oven baked pasta recipe :

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Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in many countries all over the world. People of all ages, from children to old men all like to have  pasta.If the mozzarella cheese is added it  becomes more delicious.You can also have  delicious pasta with chicken ball.Different types of pasta are  made in restaurants. But there are some people who like to have  homemade foods. Again, we can’t go to restaurants everytime.Today we will know about the recipe of making  oven baked pasta with mozzarella cheese and chicken ball.Let’s know about the recipe of pasta so that you can make it at home easily.

So,first of all we need ingredients. 

Ingredients :

1.Boiled pasta-2 cups

2.Minced chicken ½ cup

3.Chillies- 2 tbsp

4.Tomato puree 3 tbsp

5.White pepper-½ tsp

6.Mozzarella cheese-½ cup

7.Sugar-½ tsp 

8. Garlic clove-1 tsp

9. Salt to taste

10.Herbs-small amount,

 11.Butter-2 tbsp

12. color capsicum / black olives for serving.

Cooking  steps :

First, you have to boil pasta in water with salt and a little amount of oil.Then you have to take a pan and add  a little amount of butter and garlic cloves on the pan. Then you have to toss pasta with them.After that  keep it aside and take another pan.Then take butter and garlic cloves on the pan and you have to mix  the chicken with them.Then  add all the ingredients one by one without mozzarella cheese and cook them well.You have to cook until it will be sticky or thick.Then you have to take the cooked chicken and pasta in a baking dish. Then mix them well with mozzarella cheese. After that cook it for three minutes  in an oven and at a temperature of 180°C.After doing all these,the oven baked pasta with chicken will be made properly.

Mozzarella cheese recipe:

Pasta with more cheese becomes more delicious. Cheese makes different types of foods too delicious.Mozzarella cheese is very popular among different types of cheese though it has more calorie.As it has more fat, many people avoid it.. Those who make different types of foods at home,perhaps they buy it from the market.But it can be made at home.Let’s know how to make mozzarella cheese at home.

Ingredients :

1.Pure milk of cow- 4 Litre 

2.Citric acid -½ tsp(you have to mix ¼ cup Citric  acid with water)

3.Liquid rennet -¼ cup or ½ tablet rennet (¼ cup have to be mixed with water)

4.Fine salt powder -1 tsp

5.Thermometer for measuring food temperature

6. Iron pot

Cooking steps :

First,pour the milk in a big iron pot and put it on medium flame.Keep stirring the milk until the temperature reaches 55°.Then add  citric acid  to the milk and keep stirring.Then keep waiting till temperature reaches 88°. After, pour the mixture of rennet.You can see that the milk will be thick gradually  and become a light curd and run a little on the spoon.When the temperature reaches 90°, all the parts of milk will become curd.Then keep stirring slowly.Otherwise the cheese will not set properly. When the temperature reaches 95°-105°the cheese will be thick. At the same time the water will be separated.Cover it properly with a lid.Cover with mesh for some more time at 105°.Then separate the congealed cheese and put it in a sieve to drain.Add a little salt to the cheese water and increase the heat of the stove.If the temperature is 175, dip the cheese with the sieve for some time.Then remove the cheese from the sieve and squeeze it well to spread the water.Take the cheese and shape it into a round ball.Soak cheese in ice water.This will make the cheese curdle better.This is how delicious mozzarella cheese is made.

Chicken ball recipe  :

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Ingredients :

1.Chicken (minced chicken)

2.Onion paste- 2 tbsp

3.Garlic cloves- 1 tbsp

4.Ginger paste- 1 tbsp


6.Cumin powder- 1 tsp

7.Chilli powder- 1 tbsp

8. Lemon juice- 2 tsp

9.1 Potato(medium) 

10.A loaf of bread

11.Biscuit powder


12.Salt (according to need)

Cooking steps:

First you have to boil the  potato and chicken together.Then you have to mash the boiled potatoes and chicken well.After that mince the meat very well and mix it with the potato.Then add all the remaining masala ingredients. When the mixture will become  very soft then mix it with the bread. Then roll them into balls. Roll these balls into biscuits powder.Then take a pan, add  oil on the pan. When the oil is warm, put the balls in the pen.You have to fry the balls until the get  golden brown colour.After frying, it will be ready for eating. 

So now you know the recipe of delicious oven baked pasta, mozzarella cheese and tasty chicken ball recipe. You can make them at home and serve to your family.Children like the dishes much.You can make them for lunch or dinner and make your family members very happy.

Oven baked pasta can be served to guests.And I am sure if you serve them to your guests, they will definitely be happy.

So why are you late? Make delicious dishes at home and enjoy delicious food without going to restaurants. 

The recipes have been taken from different websites, special thanks to them.

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