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Baby & CareNeonatal care: An Intensive Care for your Premature Baby

Neonatal care: An Intensive Care for your Premature Baby

Do you know about neonatal care? Yes! It’s very sensitive and essential for a pre-matured or sick baby. Neonatal refers to the age of a baby around the first 28 days from birth.

There is a statistic that, around ninety thousand babies are born sick for different reasons each year. These premature babies generally need extra care. Obviously, you have to prepare yourself for providing your baby extra care. Let’s discuss the total overview on neonatal care.

What is neonatal care?

Simply, neonatal care refers to the extra care of a newborn baby. Generally, Neonatologist, neonatal nurse practitioner, neonatal fellow, dietitians, take care of the newborn baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

A premature baby needs extra care for wellbeing. Parents admit their sick babies in the neonatal care unit for quick recovery. The premature babies are incapable to live like a normal baby. They cannot eat properly and cannot move as usual. So, parents should not stay their premature babies at home. Need to admit them urgently in the neonatal intensive care unit.

When your baby needs neonatal care?

When a baby is born within 36 weeks of pregnancy, called a premature birth. You can consider this birth as preterm. Besides these, people generally notice this birth as moderate to late preterm, very preterm, term, or extremely preterm.

Again, babies have born with low birth weight, called premature babies. You can describe the low birth weight in different terms like very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight.

Postnatal checkup is very important task for a baby just after birth because sometimes you will not identify the main reasons of your babies’ complications.

Babies need to be admitted into a neonatal intensive care unit for different kind of reasons. Among a lot of reasons, all of us should know about the main reasons for going to neonatal care unit.

  • Babies with incomplete brain development
  • Babies born very prematurely
  • Babies born with some critical medical conditions
  • Babies born with extreme low birth weight

Babies are very expected to a family. If your baby becomes sick and premature, you will be naturally depressed more. So, extra care is very essential for an upcoming mother. It will be a great decision to check up your newborn baby just after birth. 

Essential factors for giving babies intensive care

Some factors should be known that can increase the risk of different complications for your newborns. All of us should avoid these risk factors as we can. Let’s know about the risk factors-

Common maternal factors:

  • Extreme blood pressure during pregnancy period
  • Age of mother less than 16 or 17 and more than 40 years
  • High diabetes for long time
  • Excessive or extreme low amount of amniotic fluid
  • Multiple pregnancy session
  • Excessive intake of drugs

Common baby factors:

  • Infected diseases like chlamydia, group B streptococcus, etc.
  • Extreme low blood sugar level
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Blood transfusion problem
  • Different birth defects

Common delivery factors:

  • Wrapping umbilical cord
  • Cesarean and forceps delivery
  • Baby organ change
  • Delivering legs first
  • Delivering buttocks first
  • Acute abnormal position

Essential neonatal cares for your baby

Essential neonatal care refers to the extra care at home or in the neonatal care center. The neonatal care practices should be started from the first hour of a newborn baby.

Every parent should give priority to the high-quality and universal newborn health care. It is spread out around the world. Getting proper care and treatment is a basic right of every newborn child. Neonatal care can be needed entire newborn period sometimes.

Let’s know about the essential neonatal cares for your baby:

  • Extensive nurturing care
  • Proper thermal treatment
  • Prevent infection
  • Different health problems
  • Regular breast feeding process
  • Early recognition of risk factors and treatment
  • Prevent danger signs
  • Skin to skin contact with mother
  • Cord clamping at proper time
  • Safely handled with proper treatment

Neonatal care: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Babies’ birth is a natural and most critical process. It’s not so easy to control the birth process. After birth, you will get many physical and mental changes among mother as well as baby.

Babies are correlated to the functions of mother’s body when they are staying in mother’s womb. They are directly connected to the breathing, eating process, and other different functions. Just after birth, they are facing different changes in their lives.

Babies are very welcoming to a new world. But, it will be completely tough for them to adjust the new environment within a short time. That’s why; babies are needed to take care properly at first.

Let’s have discussed about the recognition of the major physical changes of a newborn baby:

  • Changes the pulmonary circulation of the baby
  • Cardiac changes
  • Lungs of the baby must breathe air properly
  • Proper digestive system must start and balance
  • Balanced food digestion and proper excrete of waste
  • Normal and regular liver function
  • Beginning of enough immune system
  • Normal physical movement
  • General baby crying

All of these changes are very normal for a newborn baby. If your baby is out of these all general process, you will need to provide extra care to your preterm babies. So, don’t waste time. Just keep your baby with extra care facilities for recovering soon.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What do you mean by neonatal care?

Neonatal care refers to the intensive care for a sick or premature baby. It is given to the preterm babies in an intensive care unit.

What are the three levels of neonatal care?

The basic three levels of neonatal care are well newborn nursery care, special baby care called nursery neonatal intensive care.

How do you take care of a neonate?

Firstly, hygiene your hands and handle your lovely baby. Provide full support to the head and neck of your baby and playing with your baby carefully but never try to shake your little. Now handle your baby securely in a stroller, car seat, of any kind of carrier.

Final words

Neonatal care is a basic right of a newborn baby. Actually, proper diagnosis can protect your baby from different disinfection and physical complications. Quick recovery is very essential for a upcoming baby.

So, be conscious about the proper diagnosis facts of your new baby and help him to recover first. All of us should keep in mind that the neonatal intensive care has to be must for proper care. Enjoy a happy life with your lovely kid.  

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