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CookingMango custard recipe :

Mango custard recipe :

Mango custard

Mango custard is such a delicious and yummy dish.Almost everyone loves to have this delicious dessert.Mango custard is easy to make and for cooking you need only a few steps.

Today we will write about the mango custard recipe.Let’s start.


1.2 large sized mangoes..(the mangoes have to be fresh and properly ripe.To choose mango for custard notice that fibres of mango have to be least. It means,you have to choose  those mangoes which have less fiber or no fiber.

2.450 ml of full fat  milk.

3.⅓ cup of sugar.

4.2 tablespoon of custard powder.

5.½ teaspoon of vanilla essence (if your custard powder doesn’t contain vanilla flavour)

These are the ingredients. Make an amazing dessert with a few ingredients and these ingredients are available to anyone.  Now let’s know  the  cooking method.

cooking steps:

1.Blend the mango:

Take one mango and remove its skin.Make slices of the mango.Then take it in a blender.Add ⅓ cup of sugar and 2 tablespoon of milk to the mango.Blend all the ingredients properly.

After blending mashed mango will be smooth and have a soft like appearance. 

Keep this aside.

2.Make custard powder solution:

Take a small bowl.Add 2 tablespoons of custard powder in the bowl.Then add 4 to 5 tablespoons of milk to the custard powder. Milk has to be at room temperature. Mix milk with custard powder properly and make a solution.

3.Cook on the pan:

Take a pan on a stove.Set medium heat of the flame.Then pour the rest of the milk on the pan.Heat the milk until it starts boiling.When it will start boiling,then add custard powder -milk solution gradually. 

Don’t pour the solution rapidly.Pour it to the milk on the pan slowly and continuously stir the milk on the pan.

After pouring all of the solution, set the heat of the stove to medium low heat.

Stir the ingredients properly for 2 to 3 minutes. 

Then add the previously blended mango.Mix all the ingredients properly with a whisk or spatula. Mix them with a hand whisk for  3 to 4 minutes.After mixing mango with milk, add vanilla essence to the pan.Stir  all the ingredients properly and mix them. Heat the pan for 7 to 8 minutes.In the meantime stir all the ingredients continuously..

After 8 minutes  stop heating.But don’t pick up from the pan right now.Stir them continuously  with a spatula for 3 to 4 minutes. When mango custard will be slightly cold or will be at room temperature  then pour it or place it on a dessert glass or serving bowl.

Then freeze the mango custard for 2 to 4 hours at least.Don’t freeze custard in a deep freezer. Just make them cold, don’t make it glacial.

After freezing, then  time to serve the delicious  mango custard.

Now it’s time to decorate the mango custard on a serving bowl or dessert glass.

You can decorate it as you wish.

We took 2 mango.We blended one and another is left.Take that mango,remove skin from it.

Then make slices of the  mango.Mango slices will be  small cubed shaped.

Then spread cubed shaped mango slices on the upper part of the custard in the dessert glass.

You can use cherry to decorate.Also can make artificial flowers or any shape by mango and place this in the same dessert glass. If you want to add any other fruits that you like, you can add on the upper surface of the custard.You can add different types of nuts, pomegranate, apple slices to the custard on the upper surface. 


So your mango custard is perfectly ready to serve..

If you want to make more amount of mango custard than stated above, just increase the ingredients proportionately and make it in the same way.


If you don’t have custard powder, you can use corn flour or cornstarch to thicken the custard.

You can add cream to the custard while mixing it.

You can make custard up to 2 days before serving.But you should serve it fresh after cooking  and freezing it.That will taste much better.

Mango custard is too yummy and it’s a perfect dish in hot summer.

Children like mango custard much.Mango custard looks wonderful and it looks very tempting too.So you can fulfill children’s nutrition  by making mango custard.It contains many types of fruits, so children will get vitamins, minerals , protein etc from it.Mango custard is highly nutritious food. 

Almost everyone likes to have it. If you want to serve mango custard to a diabetes patient, then just avoid sugar.Keep the rest of the recipe the same.

Mango custard is one  of the best desserts. It is not only yummy, but also contains too much nutritions.So you can serve mango custard after dinner easily.Even you can make it everyday.In the evening it can be made for serving to your family.

Mango custard can also be used to entertain guest.If you make it for your guest, they will surely be happy.

So why are you late.Now you know the recipe of this delicious dish.Just make it at home and make everyone happy too.

The information and recipe have been taken from Wikipedia, different websites and you tube channels.Thanks to them.

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