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InsuranceLife Insurance Under 80C

Life Insurance Under 80C

In the modern generation, life insurance is a very important and relaxing thing. So many people now purchase life insurance policies for a better future. Here we will discuss life insurance under 80c. That’s why you can easily understand this topic.

The most valuable and important aspect of a life insurance policy is that the premium clause of the policy is generally under section 80c and is also considered a deduction.

A policyholder will get the deduction only when the policy is taken out in the name of that person or his taxpayer or his family and children.

However, the deduction is only valid, in HUF’s opinion, if the policy is purchased in the policyholder’s name. Stay with us to know everything about this matter. This is an essential and important part of your life insurance policy.

What is life insurance 80c?

Here we describe life insurance under 80c. There will be a deduction in life insurance, and what is this deduction, or what is its function? We will discuss this here.

You can claim deductions in various ways if you want. It is within your right to claim a deduction of up to INR 1,50,000 per year from the premiums you originally paid for maintaining or safeguarding your life insurance policy.

In this case, you must remember that the amount of premium will be 10% less than the amount of premium you have. However, this section 80c is not applicable to everyone. Only those who are individual taxpayers and belong to the Hindu community will get this benefit.

This policy is basically derived from Section 80c of the Income Tax Act. Those who are under the corporate label, who work in partnership firms, or have other trades are not eligible for exemption under Section 80c.

About life insurance, 80c

Everyone should know about life insurance under 80c. As per Income Tax Act, 1961 saving scheme, the life insurance policy has tax-saving benefits depending on the investment instrument under sub-section 80c of PPF and permanent.

This can reduce your taxable income by up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs in financial income per year. Financial returns and payments throughout the policy period under section 80c. Basically, the principle of income tax act 1961 80c exemption has alternative aspects, which are:

Life Insurance Premium

If you have bought a life insurance policy for yourself, your family, or your children, then you can claim an 80c discount.

However, if you pay the premium to your in-laws or your own parents, then you will not get any discount in this case. If you buy more than one policy, you can claim up to Rs. 50 for each.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

This is a government scheme that can give you an investment of Rs. 500 to Rs 1.5 lakh per year as a result. Interest earned from this fund of your life insurance policy is always tax-free.

Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF)

Employees’ contributions to EPF account under income tax section 80c of life insurance policy are exempt and eligible for exemption. Here, an employer’s contribution is tax-free and not an 80c deduction.

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

This is a different type of investment scheme whereby the money deposited in the fund can enjoy income tax-saving benefits.

Due to this, you can easily get your money back here. There is no upper limit to its amount.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

The benefits of this plan are very different from others and are twofold. Max Life Fast Track Super Plan (UIN: 104L082404) allows you to invest in 6 types of funds. More allows you at least 12 switches per year.

Tax Saver Fixed Deposit (FDs)

As per your wish, any deposit made in any bank for a period of 5 years will be eligible for deduction.

If you have a Tier 1 NPS account, then you can easily get a deduction of Rs 50,000.

Payment of Home Loan

If you have taken a home loan or any other loan from any institution, then you can get a discount of Tk 1.5 lakh on the said amount.

Sukanya Development Plan

This is basically a savings scheme for a child and is eligible for an 80c rebate. It mainly applies to children who are under 10 years of age. A man can do this for a maximum of 2 children.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

This is applicable to senior citizens who are at least 60 years of age. It can be opted for only by those who are over 55 years of age and who have opted for voluntary retirement.

National Savings

In the case of investment, the interest earned in the first 4 years can be deducted up to Rs 1.5 lakh under 80c.

Does SBI come under life insurance 80c?

As per Section 80c of the Income Tax Act, an individual and a group of people belonging to the Hindu community (HUF) are allowed to claim Rs. 1.50 lakhs more for investment out of this. Among these, life insurance is the actual premium paid.

What does 80c cover?

(PPF), i.e., filed for deduction from contribution towards the Public Provident Fund. Its maximum deposit limit is Rs. 1,50,000. An income taxpayer should calculate and deposit the entire amount.


Life insurance is a process where you must purchase protection for a better and more successful future. It will make one’s life more enjoyable, pleasant, and intriguing to purchase this insurance.

Here we broadly describe to you life insurance under 80c.This is a very important thing to know for everyone. You have to understand all the good sides and beneficial activities to purchase these policies.

This is not only a simple policy but also a lifetime guarantee for a person. Who wants to give backup for his family if he is not alive with his family?

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