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Fashion & BeautyHow to take care of your skin in summer?

How to take care of your skin in summer?

If you want to keep a good mind and have good health, you must follow some tips. From
the reason to the skin and hair, the body will be good only if everything is correct.
Nowadays, everyone has stress, stress at work.

Eating at the right time, sleeping, and exercising are none. Various hormones affect the skin. Even the problems of daily life,
pollution – everything affects our body.

Skin care during summer

Any skin problem aggravated by heat. Sunburn, black spots, spots, blackheads, pimples
these problems increase in summer. And so experts are giving some critical advice on
skin protection during summer. Let’s have a look!


Moisturizer is not only used on winter days. Use a moisturizer even on hot days. But it
should not sit in the mouth. But whatever moisturizer you use in summer should smell
good. But this time, freshness is essential. So choose a perfume that has a floral scent
or a scent that makes you feel good. It will relax the nerves.

Use of cleansing milk

Sweating is more in summer—dust and sand accumulate on the face. So wash your
face well when you come back from outside. Mix a little milk in the water while bathing.
It will increase the brightness of the skin. Also, clean your face with cleansing milk
before sleeping at night.

Roll on Deo

Generally, armpits sweat the most and smell bad from there. That’s why many clothes
get black stains in that place in summer. So opt for roll-on lotions that don’t contain
alcohol at all. It soothes the underarms, eliminates odors, and keeps bacteria under

Use shower gel

Soap makes our skin rougher. Use a nice smelling shower gel instead. It will keep the
skin fresh and soft. Excess dirt, dead cells, sweat, and oil will all be cleansed. A lemon,
waterlily, or lavender-scented sunscreen is best if you can.

Use of Sunscreen

Sunscreen must be used in summer. Also, try to use something that has aloe vera in it.
You can mix aloe vera with sunscreen lotion and also use aloe vera gel with SPF-15.
Aloe vera keeps our skin moist. It also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays
going deep into the skin.

Taking care of your skin in summer will not strain your pocket:

Summers are preferred by many over Konkan winters and patchy muddy monsoons.
Although the sun is overhead, summer is the ideal time to travel for many. However, it is
necessary to take extra care of the body and skin in summer. Especially the skin.

Many people rely on popular cosmetics in the market to protect their skin from harmful
sun rays. It is pulled into the pocket. As an alternative to expensive cosmetics, following
some home remedies to take care of your skin in summer will keep your skin fresh and
glowing even in summer.

How to get free skincare? Let’s discuss-

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

It is normal to get sunburned when going out in the sun. You can’t sit at home for fear of
getting a tan. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays damage the skin. So use sunscreen to
prevent sunburn.
Apart from this, you can use aloe vera gel to remove sunburn at home. Take a small
amount of the gel and massage it on the skin. After drying your face, wash it properly
with cold water. It will keep the skin cool from the inside.

  1. Use a sugar scrubber
    Exfoliation is a part of the daily skincare routine. Scrubbing at least twice a week is
    necessary to remove dead skin cells and maintain the skin’s natural glow. Although
    sugar harms the body, it works great as a scrubber.
    You can mix honey with brown sugar. Then use this pack twice a week. The dead skin
    will be removed, and the skin will become soft and smooth.
  2. Use tomato and curd packs
    Work requires going out. Tanned skin even after using sunscreen. You can trust tomato
    and curd face packs to tan your skin fast. Both of these ingredients contain vitamin C. A
    combination of vitamin C in skin care.
    Mix tomato juice and sour curd to your face like a mask. Leave it for half an hour, then
    wash it off with water. This face pack works wonders to restore the lost glow of the skin.
    What should we do before going out?
  • Sunlight can affect you from 10 am to 4 pm. So it is better not to go out without much
  • Keep sunglasses and an umbrella with you when going out.
  • Strong sunlight is harmful to the skin. Wear light, full-sleeved clothes when going out.
  • Be sure to apply sunblock, sunscreen cream, or lotion on the skin of the open part of
    the body. At this time, a sunblock with SPF 15 or higher is required.
  • Always wear light cotton loose clothing that allows air to circulate. It is better to wear
    white or light-colored clothes rather than black clothes.
    When is treatment needed?
    Sometimes you have to consult a doctor for proper treatment of your skin. Identify the
    skin condition and take appropriate care. Let’s know the time when you will need to go
    to a doctor:
  • If the skin is tan or brown due to sunburn.
  • Rash on the face.
  • If the skin begins to sweat in excessive heat.
  • If the skin becomes too oily.
  • If necessary, use face wash, sun block, and cream according to the skin type on the
    doctor’s advice.
  • Modern skin treatments are microdermabrasion, hydra facial, etc.
    Final words
    Regular extra care with food is necessary to cover the appearance of tiredness or
    aging. Just as irregular and inadequate nutrition or malnutrition create various problems
    in your body, skincare should be taken now so that there are no regrets in the future.
    You can easily keep your skin from aging by combining two or four additional
    ingredients with various natural ingredients at home. Take proper care of your skin and
    save from harmful effects.

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