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Fashion & BeautyHow to Remove Acne? Some Effective Natural Remedies you should know

How to Remove Acne? Some Effective Natural Remedies you should know

Are you concerned about your acne problem? Don’t panic because acne is only a skin condition but not any disease. So it can be removed successfully.

Acne is the most common worldwide facial problem. It appears especially among teenagers. But, different physical complications can also cause the acne problem. There are various causes of acne. Proper justification of reasons can help you to recover from this irritating facial issue.

We will provide you with a discussion on the causes of acne problems and their successful remedy. Have a look!

Acne-What is acne?

There is no specific age for treating acne. But, teenagers suffer more from these problems for producing more oil and dead cells. The excess oil production from sebaceous glands generally blocks the skin, and we face the acne problem tremendously.

So, all of us should be concerned about our skin’s cleaning process to get rid of this acne problem.

Acne-Causes of acne

Acne occurs from the sensitivity of the sebaceous gland. Besides this cause, there are different causes of acne problems. Let’s start a short discussion-

Some common factors are responsible for causing the acne problem. To recover this problem correctly, we have to know these factors detailed-

  1. Hereditary issue

Sometimes, hereditary factors can cause acne. Our blood-connected relatives who have acne problems can affect us. It’s a widespread cause of creating this skin complication.  

  1. Mental stress

Extreme mental stress and insufficient sleep can cause acne problems. Proper sleep and taking enough rest can recover this problem.

  1. Improper diet plan

Most of us like to eat oily and fatty foods. After that, excess intake of junk foods can create different health issues in our daily life. To recover from acne, we have to maintain a proper diet plan.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances in our body can also cause acne. Different health complications are responsible for hormonal imbalance. So, proper treatment is mandatory to balance the hormonal issues.

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle

We are mostly habited with an unhealthy lifestyle like a delayed meal, miss meal, improper dish, etc. Sometimes, we cannot control our lifestyle quickly. But, proper maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can provide you with a healthy life.

  1. Infectious diseases

We can be infected with many infectious diseases, and acne can come from these infections. So, we need to take proper treatment to remove the contagious disease and get healthy skin.

Acne-Steps to remove acne problem

There are a lot of remedies to overcome this problem. After all, natural remedies are the most effective, and there is no side effect against these remedies. Let’s see the effective processes-

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a world-famous essential oil that has more effectiveness and benefits for our skin and hair. It naturally comes from melaleuca leaves. The dry and irritating skin can be nourished through the tea tree oil, which is adequately proven.

Tea tree oil is the most effective substitute and antibiotic you can apply to your cleaned skin to damage bacteria. Using a process of tea tree oil is so simple:

  • Add a small amount of oil with a small amount of water and apply it to your face with cotton. You can use it two or three times per day for better results.
  1. Use vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very beneficial liquid that is used for different remedies at home. Vinegar effectively kills different bacteria and other germs from the skin and other parts of our body. It is also effective to improve acne scars also.

This organic acid has many benefits for our daily lifestyle. Let’s know the applying process of this vinegar liquid on our skin-

  • Add a little amount of vinegar with water and mix well. Then apply it to the affected area on the skin with a cotton ball. Wait for five to twenty seconds and clean wisely. For better results, you can use it one to two times daily.
  1. Honey mask

A proper combination of honey and cinnamon can remove acne from your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this combination can damage the germs of acne from your skin. Let’s know the application process of the honey mask-

  • Add one teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of honey and mix these two elements properly. Now, apply this mixture to your infected skin areas and wait for ten to twenty minutes. Wash your face wisely. This remedy will help you to get rid of acne.
  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is used in different sectors. In the marketplace, you will get aloe vera soap, shampoo, cream, and lotion. This gel is beneficial for removing acne from the skin. It can also treat skin rashes, burns, abrasions, inflammation, and all type of wounds. Let’s see the application process-

  • Collect the gel from aloe vera gently and apply it to your skin. It will work as a moisturizer. You can use this gel twice daily for the best result.
  1. Green tea

Green tea is another natural remedy that has multiple health benefits. Green tea ingredients are most effective in gently reducing skin inflammation and other disorders. It is a combination of high-antioxidants that helps to remove skin acne. Let’s see the application process-

  • Put green tea in the boiling water and wait three to five minutes. After being cold, apply it to your face, and you can stay overnight. If you want, you can rinse it well with water. Use it a minimum of two times per day.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How can I clear up acne first?

You can remove acne first through some steps. You can apply ice on your skin, use a facemask, use makeup with salicylic acid, etc.

How can I get rid of acne naturally at home?

There are some practical ways that you can use to remove acne naturally at home. You can use green tea, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, essential oils, ice, honey mask, etc.

Can lemon remove pimples?

Lemon juice can remove the skin’s redness, inflammation, and germs. So, it can be effective in removing acne from your skin.

Final verdict

Acne is a common issue for all. We all have been going through this problem our entire life. But, you need not be frustrated or panicked. Minor acne can be removed easily, but if you have a severe acne problem, please get in touch with a dermatologist soon.

Proper care and treatment ensure your skin is completely free from acne issues. Just follow our natural remedies and get beautiful skin!


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