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Fashion & BeautyHow to remove acne from your skin?

How to remove acne from your skin?

Worried about acne or rashes? Proper Treatment can indeed get rid of acne or pimples, but the
drugs or creams available on the market are expensive and have a fear of side effects. One of
the leading causes of acne is impure skin. So the skin should be kept clean. Regular scrubbing
helps keep the skin clean.
Not only in our country but in different countries of the world, teenagers have acne problems.
Acne is mainly a problem of adolescence. However, acne problems can be seen in women and
men at different ages. There is no reason to worry about acne. But if it becomes more, you must
resort to an expert.

Acne problem: Causes of acne
Experts talk about many causes of acne. The main ones are the variation or lack of hormone
secretion, bacterial infection, carelessness of the skin, excessive anxiety, eating oily and
unhealthy food, lack of sleep, excessive sweating, etc. A clean and well-regulated lifestyle is the
primary condition to be free from acne.
Let’s know the common causes of acne:
● On hot days, water leaves the body in different ways. Paramount among them is sweat.
If you go outside in summer, you will sweat. Sweating reduces body water. Dehydration
in the body is one of the causes of acne.
● Acne mainly occurs on the skin. Hence keeping the skin clean is very important. Care
should be taken so that dust does not accumulate on the skin during this dry day.
Accumulation of dust on the skin will clog the pores of the skin. As a result, acne may
● Both boys and girls have acne during puberty. The main reason is that teenagers go
through various physical and mental conditions during adolescence. New experiences
keep coming in front of them.
As a result, they develop fatigue, do not sleep properly, do not have the experience of taking
care of the body by themselves, and do not have the right idea about eating. As a result, the
flow of hormones in the body is blocked, or there is a lack of hormones. All these are
responsible for acne.

● Sleep problems, i.e.Not getting enough sleep causes many diseases. Failings of proper
sleep can also cause acne. During sleep, the body continues to perform its functions,
which are very important for our health. The body’s functions are affected if you do not
sleep regularly.
Usually, during sleep, complex things like the secretion or production of hormones necessary for
the body happen in the body. No sleep, little or irregular sleep can inhibit the production of acne-
fighting hormones.
● Eating unhealthy food with oil and spices is one of the causes of acne. The more variety
of fast foods, deep-fried foods, and soft drinks are consumed, the more prone to acne
will be. These foods are not digested properly. The stomach is not clean if food is not
digested. Not having a clean stomach or not having regular bowel movements is the
cause of acne and many other diseases.

How to remove pimples
Acne will be removed very easily. A straightforward remedy is to live a healthy life. Eating
healthy food regularly, sleeping at certain times, and keeping clean are the main remedies for
acne. And if there are too many problems, you should consult a doctor, especially a
dermatologist, without doing anything yourself.
General tips to remove pimples that we should follow:

  1. When going out of the house, whenever the opportunity is available, the surface of the
    skin should be washed with water. It will keep the skin clean and fresh and reduce the
    incidence of bacterial infections and acne.
    People with oily skin should follow this matter seriously because oily skin accumulates dirt
  2. Eat healthy food regularly, excluding fast food, deep-fried food, and soft drinks. Fruits
    and fibrous foods should be kept in the diet.
  3. An adequate amount of water should be consumed throughout the day, so the body
    does not become dehydrated. Always try to drink a minimum of eight glasses of pure
    water every day. The morning should be started by drinking water.
  4. Doctors recommend 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Some may need more sleep. This
    sleep time will be determined based on age and physical activity. But generally, sleeping
    less than 6 hours and not more than 8 hours is better.

Regularly going to bed at a particular time and waking up at the same time should be practiced.
The necessary hormones will be secreted and produced, the body’s functions will continue
properly, and acne will not occur.

Let’s find out what all those effective home remedies are
● Take the juice of mint leaves and make ice cubes with it. Rub this ice cube on the rash
and acne for 10-15 minutes. It will reduce the infection of inflammation and acne, and
the irritation of the skin will also be removed.
● Grate ripe papaya (about one cup). Mix with it one spoon of lime juice and rice powder
as required. Apply the mixture all over the body, including the face. Massage for 20-25
minutes and wash off. You can use aloe vera juice in addition to papaya.
● Mint leaves are very beneficial in reducing excess oil and acne infections on the skin.
The fresh mint leaves and apply them to the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it
off. It will remove excess oil from the skin.
● Many people love to eat sour food. Raw Kabel juice is very beneficial for acne. Soak raw
betel nut juice in cotton and apply it to acne-affected areas. Stay it for 10 minutes and
wash it off.
● Neem leaves are an excellent disinfectant. So, neem leaves are very useful in treating
acne. Mix sandalwood powder with neem leaves and make a mixture. Apply this mixture
to the skin and wash off after 15-20 minutes.
● Those with excessive acne should apply lemon juice twice daily to the acne areas. But
don’t keep it for more than 10 minutes continuously. Wash off after 10 minutes.
● Rose water reduces acne scars properly. You have to make a mixture by mixing rose
water with cinnamon powder. Apply this mixture to the acne and wash off after 20
minutes. This will significantly reduce the infection, itching, and pain of acne.
Besides all of these, let’s talk about three tricks. By doing these at home, you can get rid of

  1. Once or twice a month, you can go to the beauty salon and get a facial. It will keep the skin
  2. If you soak the water every night and drink that water the following day, you can eliminate
    acne problems.
  3. A paste of four to five basil and neem leaves with a spoonful of aloe vera or aloe vera and
    regular consumption can help in acne problems.

Eating healthy food regularly, sleeping at certain times, and keeping clean are the main
remedies for acne. And if there are too many problems, you should consult a doctor, especially
a dermatologist, without doing anything yourself. So, don’t ignore this problem. Take proper
care of your skin to remove acne properly.

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