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Fashion & BeautyHow to manicure and pedicure our nails at home?

How to manicure and pedicure our nails at home?

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manicure kits.

Manicure is a very familiar  word to  every girl.We all do it to keep our nails well.Many times, dirt gets stuck in the nails or the nails become yellow. To remove these things, you have to do a manicure to keep the nails beautiful and germ-free.And it is not always possible to go to a parlor or salon to do a manicure.For that, today we will tell you about how to manicure nails at home? It is very easy. You can easily manicure your nails by following the instructions below… 

First you need a bowl which has to be  full of warm water.

 If your nail is polished so remove the nail polish.If have worn any jewelry, remove that.

Then mix lemon juice, much salt and shampoo into the water.Lemon juice will remove the yellowing of your nails, if there is any bacteria on the nails.The shampoo will soften the hands and help to clean them well.

Now soak the hand in that water for 15-20 minutes.

Then gently clean the nails with a brush. It will clean the dirt inside the nails.

Now again soak the hand in water for some more time.

Then wipe the hand with a towel. Now cut the nails as desired.

Now file the nail.It will smoothen your nails and make your nail shape more beautiful. 

Then apply hand cream on the cuticle area of the nails and wait for some time.This will soften the dead skin cells of the toenails.

Then push the cuticles away with a cuticle pusher. For that,your nail shape will be very beautiful.

Rub a few cloves of garlic on the nails for 7-8 minutes. This will strengthen your nails if they are thin and break easily.

 Then, again clean your nail with lemon.Take some lemon and rub it on your nails and clean it. If it is yellow due to nail polish, it will get rid of it. The vitamin C in lemon will remove the bacteria on the nails. 

Then wash your hands with that shampooed water.

Now you have to scrub, for this make a paste by mixing some rice flour and water in a bowl, apply the paste on your hands and massage it well, then wash your hands again with shampoo.It helps to remove your hand’s dead skin cell.

Now it’s time for buffing and shining. Buffing and shining the nails. Buffing removes the roughness of the nails, and shining gives the nails a different shine.

Now apply a hand cream on your hand, if you wish you can use lotion.

That’s all for your manicure instructions..

Some important tips on nail care :

Eat vegetables regularly. It contains vitamins, folic acid and many other ingredients that help keep nails healthy.

Rub lemon juice on nails at least once a day. Vitamin C in it is very beneficial for nails.

Cutting nails with a blade is a bad habit, avoid it. If you have been doing it, avoid it today.

Nail biting is another bad habit, avoid it too.

Every time keep your hand clean and moisturized.

Coconut oil is very salutary for our nail.Every night before going to sleep massage coconut oil on your nail.

We have seen the way to make the nails beautiful, now let’s see the way to make the feet beautiful.Along with keeping your face beautiful, it is also important to keep your feet beautiful. Feet lose their beauty in dust and dirt all day long. And to get back that beauty we do a pedicure. But it is not always possible to go to a parlor or salon. So today we will share with you how to do a pedicure like a manicure at home.So for pedicuring your feet at home follow the following instructions..

Take water in a big bucket or pot. Mix lemon juice, salt, and shampoo with it.

Soak your feet in that water for 15-29 minutes.

Then lift your feet and scrub the soles of your feet with a foot scrubber. For that, your feet will be smooth.

Then mix a piece of lemon and salt in it and massage the feet for a while, then wash the feet with water.

Then cut the nails to the desired shape with a nail cutter.

Then buff and shine your nails. It helps to remove the roughness of the nails.

Then massage a little lotion or olive oil on the feet.

So, read the above articles and understand how easy it is to do manicures and pedicures at home!

Special tips for keeping feet beautiful :

Always try to keep your feet clean.

After washing feet, use lotion or body oil.

Do not use the same socks twice without washing them.

Use aloe vera gel on your feet.It will keep your feet soft and smooth. 

Try to get a pedicure at least once a month.

So try this at home, share your experience with us through comment. If you like this article, share this with your friends. Moreover, for more interesting articles visit our website regularly..


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