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Fashion & BeautyHow to get soft and smooth skin?

How to get soft and smooth skin?

Everyone wants a soft and smooth skin. But for many reasons like in winter, our skin becomes dry. Generally we use many lotions, moisturizers for getting soft and smooth skin.But the good news is that by using natural products we can get soft and smooth skin naturally and can save a lot of money.  Today we will talk about 7 natural things which help our skin to become soft and smooth. 

1.Ripe Banana : We know banana as a fruit. We know that it is very salutary for our health.But did we know how salutary it is for our skin? It is very salutary for our skin.It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1(Thayamin),Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin),Protein etc.which are very important for our health and skin.It helps to get a soft and smooth skin. We can regularly use a banana for our skin.We can also use banana with milk.Make a paste of banana and milk.Apply on skin.Wait for 15 minutes and then wash properly with cold water. It helps to get a smooth skin.

2.Fruit peel : Generally we drop the peel of the fruit.Especially those whose peas are a little tough, such as bananas, oranges, etc. But if these peas are done for our skin lotion, moisturizer!Yes.These fruit peas are very useful  for our skin.Specially Orange’s peel. Because it contains vitamin C which is very salutary for our skin.

Burn the orange peel with water well and extract the juice from it and mix the juice with any oil and use it on the skin before bath, the skin will be smooth.We can also use orange  peel powder.For that, the orange peel should be dried well and powdered.This powder can also be mixed with oil and used as a scrubber.


3.Walnut :It is a very tasty fruit.Also very healthy. We all love to eat that.But have we ever made a facepack with it?I think no. But we will make it now.Walnut is very salutary for our skin.It contains Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Antioxidant etc.If we regularly  eat that, our skin becomes smooth.We can also use it as an oil.We can also use walnut with honey.Take walnut powder and honey. Mix them well. Apply on your skin.Massage lightly. Then wash properly. It works as a natural scrub.It helps to get a soft skin.

4.Aloevera : It is familiar to all.It is called great medicine. We use it for various reasons like hair care, skin beautification etc.It can also make the skin smooth and soft.If we regularly use Aloe vera juice our skin becomes smooth. We can also use it with honey,rose water and rice powder.Take 1 tablespoon rice powder, 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel,1 teaspoon honey and half (½) teaspoon rose water. Mix them well. Apply on your skin and wait for 5 minutes then wash properly. It helps to have soft,smooth and fair skin.


5.Nut : It is a very nutritious fruit.It is very healthy. We are all familiar with it.We know that it is salutary for our health. Usually we eat more of it when we diet, but many people always love to eat it. But it is also salutary for our skin.It contains vitamins and mineral contents. It helps to remove the dryness of our skin.It smoothens the skin.Eating nuts regularly and applying nut face pack on the face will restore the skin’s lost moisture and make the skin more beautiful.Because It contains calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and many other beneficial elements.We can also use nut with oats and milk.Take much nuts powder, oats and milk.Mix them well. Then apply your skin.Wait  for 10 minutes and wash properly. Regular use of it will remove the dryness of the skin.

6.Honey : It is a very wonderful thing in skin care. It contains Vitamin B1, vitamin B2,Vitamin B3,Vitamin B5,Vitamin B6 and many other Antibacterial elements. Interestingly,it has no fat.We know a lot about it, but do we know about its skin smoothing properties?It removes the dryness of the skin.If we regularly use honey our skin becomes smoother and softer than before.But one thing,it is not suitable for oily skin.Avoid using it if you have oily skin.We can use yogurt with honey.Take 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey.Mix them well. Apply on your skin. Wait for 7-8 minutes and then wash properly. You can also use this pack on your hand and leg.This pack helps to remove the dryness of our skin.

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7.Milk : It is very nutritious, we all know that.But it is also salutary for dry skin.Because it removes the dryness of our skin.It helps to get a smooth skin.It contains lactic acid which smoothens the skin.We can apply cold milk on our skin by using cotton.For this the skin will be better than before.In winter, we can use milk as a moisturizer. It helps to keep our skin moist.We can also use yogurt with milk.Take 3 tablespoons of coconut milk,  1 and ½ teaspoons of yogurt. Mix them well. Apply on your skin.Wash properly with cold water. It helps to remove dryness. 

Special tips :

1.Must try to be hydrated. Drink more and more water.Drink more fruit juice and drink plenty of bottled water.

2.In winter, try to drink at least one cup of red tea with ginger.

3.Try to get enough sleep.There is nothing better for skin care than sleep.

So try making them at home and let us know the benefits of your skin after using that.

Natural products are harmful chemical free and 100% authentic. So there is no chance of side effects. 

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