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Fashion & BeautyHow to get rid of under eye dark circles by using natural...

How to get rid of under eye dark circles by using natural elements?

 The problem of dark circles under the eyes seems to have become a universal problem.Both boys and girls are suffering from this problem. Many people use cosmetics to get rid of it. But they are not safe. Besides, eyes are very sensitive parts of us, so we have to be careful when using something.

So today we will talk about how to get rid of these black spots naturally. 

First, I will tell you some reasons for which this stain occurs, then I will tell you about some natural ways to get rid of it and finally there are some tips that will not cause this stain or it is less likely to occur.

The reasons are

  1. Excessive tiredness, night waking, fatigue and excessive sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes. Lack of sleep makes the skin look pale and dull, creating puffiness under the eyes, which creates dark shadows under the eyes.
  1. Allergies or dry eyes can also cause dark circles. Allergies cause redness of the skin, itching and swollen eyes. In case of allergy, the vitamin released in the blood dilates the blood vessels, making the skin look darker.
  1. Dark circles are normal in old age. Over time, human skin becomes thinner, losing collagen and fat. Collagen and fat are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. As a result, the blood vessels become visible and the under eye appears dark.
  1. Dehydration or not drinking enough water is also responsible for this. Dehydration causes eyes to droop and appear black.
  1. Eye strain is another common cause. Too much screen time leads to dark circles. Eye strain enlarges the blood vessels and darkens the skin around them.If there is more, the body produces more melanin. At the same time, pigmentation or skin discoloration around the eyes increases.In many it runs in the family or is hereditary.

Natural things :

Cucumber : Its merits or necessity cannot be overstated.It contains 0.027 mg of vitamin B1,7ug of vitamin B9, 16 mg of calcium, 0.28 mg of iron, 0.2 mg of zinc, etc. and many other vitamins and minerals per 2%.These are all very important for us.

Uses of cucumber…. 

  • Cucumber slice : Take slices of cucumber cut into rounds. Apply on the eyes and wait for 10 minutes. Then remove the pieces from the eyes.You can also use cold cucumber slices if you want.It will easily remove the dark circle of your eyes.
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  • Cucumber juice : Take 1 or 2 cucumbers. Make juice of it.Then take cucumber juice in a bowl and soak a cotton ball in it and keep the cotton ball on the eyes for at least 7-8 minutes. In this way, regular use of cucumber juice will remove black spots from the eyes.
  • Cucumber with lemon : Take cucumber juice in a bowl and add some lemon juice to it. Then apply the mixture well on the dark spots under the eyes. Wait for a while and wash off with lukewarm water. Be careful not to get the lemon juice in your eyes. Be careful not to get this mixture in your eyes.

Milk : We all know about the nutritional value of milk. Every 100 gm of cow’s milk contains 3.2 gm of protein, 120 mg of calcium, 4.8 gm of carbohydrates, etc.

Uses of milk…

  • Only use of milk : Take cold milk in a bowl. Apply it on the eyes with the help of a cotton ball. After some time, wash it well.
  • Milk juice : Apply milk juice around the eyes and wait for a while. Then wash it well. Or if you want, you can apply milk juice to your eyes before going to bed and then wash your face in the morning.
  • Milk with cashew nuts:  Soak cashew nuts and make a paste. Then add milk to that paste. Mix well. Apply this mixture under the eyes. Wait for a while and wash off.

Tomato : Talking about the nutrition of tomatoes will never end.Each 3.5 ounce serving contains 0.9 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of carbohydrates. Also, every 4% contains 0.594 grams of vitamin B3 (niacin), 0.54 mg of vitamin B E, etc.

  • Tomato juice : Take some tomatoes. Blend them. Then separate the tomato juice from there. Apply this juice around the eyes, wait for 6-7 minutes and wash well.
  • Tomato with lemon : Take a lot of tomato juice.Mix lemon juice with it.Then apply the mixture under the eyes.Be careful about that,not to get this mixture in your eyes. 

Cold compress : 

  •  Cold compresses do  for your skin. You can try it in the morning or in the evening. All you need to do is apply a cold compress on the affected area for about 10 minutes. Even better, if you have a mask, you can refrigerate it for a while. You can take it out twice a day and keep it in your mouth. This is the easiest way to reduce dark circles under your eyes.

Tea – bag : Everyone throws away the tea bag after drinking tea, but this tea bag can be the solution for your dark spots.Keep the cold tea bag on the eyes for some time. You can do this at night before going to bed. Keep the tea bag for at least 15 minutes.

Orange and glycerin : Mix two drops of glycerin with orange juice and apply under the eyes. It removes dark spots as well as makes it brighter.

Tips : 

  • Drink enough water.
  • Get enough sleep. Try to sleep  at least 8 hours a day.
  • Stop waking up extra nights.Many people sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, those who do this, stop doing it today.
  • Do not look at mobile or any screen for a long time.Limit the use of mobile phones.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food.Avoid all types of unhealthy food.


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