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Fashion & BeautyHow to get rid of hairfall?

How to get rid of hairfall?

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Hairfall,nowadays it’s a  very  common problem of the young generation.Not only girls, boys are also suffering from this .Behind hair fall there are  many reasons, for example : dehydration,dust,sleeping problem,hormonal imbalance  etc.

For getting rid of hairfall, we use many shampoos,hair serums etc.But  sometimes these chemical products don’t suit us and can’t decrease hair fall.For getting rid of this problem we can use natural products instead of chemical products.  Today we will share with you 4 natural things which help to get rid of this irritating hair fall problem. 


It is an awesome thing for  hair care.It has been  used  for increasing beauty from the earliest time. People use it on the hands, head.It contains many vitamins and minerals.It makes our hair strong and healthy.It keeps us cool.It helps to prevent hair fall.If you regularly use henna  your hair  will surely become   stronger than before.

 Only use of henna :Take some henna leaves.Make a paste of them.Then apply it on your hair.Wait for 45 minutes and wash properly.Use shampoo while washing your hair.It will make your hair strong and help you  to get rid of hair fall.

Henna with yogurt and lemon juice : Yogurt is very nutritious for our hair.Lemon juice is also .Take 1 cup henna paste and 1 cup yogurt and 4 tablespoon lemon juice.Mix them well. Apply this mixture on  your hair and wait for 30 minutes then wash properly with shampoo. Here I  said 1 cup but you have to use this according to your need.You can use less than stated here.

Henna with mustard oil: Take 1 cup of hot mustard oil.Mix 1 cup henna leaf with it.When it will  become cool then use it.After using it wait 40 minutes then wash   your hair properly. 

2.Onion : 

We all know onion as a vegetable. Generally we use it in cooking.But we can also use it to prevent hair fall.It contains protein,calcium,potassium,sugar, vitamins and minerals.It is very useful  for our hair.

Using method  of onion :

Only use onion: For getting rid of hair fall.You can use onion paste or onion juice.For making onion paste,take 2-3  onions. Make a paste of them. Then apply it on your hair. Wait for 1 hour and then wash your hair  properly with shampoo.  

Onion with shampoo: We regularly use shampoo. You can also use onion juice with shampoo.Take a bowl.Mix shampoo with onion juice. Apply it on your hair. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash properly. 

Onion with potato: Potato is also very salutary for our hair.For making this hair pack, you have to take half (½) cup onion juice and half (½) cup potato paste.Mix them well.Then apply it on your hair and wait for 25 minutes. Wash properly. Use this pack once a week.This pack will help you to get rid of hair fall.


We all know more or less about its qualities.We eat it for various reasons.It is a healthy food.We all know that it is salutary for our health.But many people don’t know that it is also salutary for our hair.It contains protein,vitamin A,vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and many vitamins, minerals etc which are very important for our health,hair and skin.

Uses of yogurt to prevent hair fall:

Yogurt with henna,banana and fenugreek: For making this, take 1 cup fenugreek paste,1 cup henna paste,2 ripe banana paste and half (½) cup yogurt.Mix them well. Then apply this mixture on your hair and wait for 1 hour. Wash properly. Use this pack twice a week.

Yogurt with fenugreek and olive oil : To make this, take 1 cup yogurt,half (½)  cup of fenugreek powder or paste and one third (⅓) cup olive oil.Mix them well.Apply it on your hair.Wait for 40 minutes. Use this hair pack twice a week. It will help you to prevent hair fall.

Yogurt with glair, fenugreek and henna : Egg is a very important thing for our hair.For making this hair pack, use half (½) cup yogurt, half (½) cup fenugreek paste,

half cup henna paste and an egg white.Mix them well. Apply it on your hair. Wait for 30 minutes and wash properly. 

4.Fenugreek : 

We all know it as a spice.It is used in various cuisines.It is very healthy. It is a very important thing in hair care.It contains lecithin,vitamin A,vitamin K and many vitamins and minerals which help  to make   hair strong and healthy.

Uses of fenugreek : 

Only use fenugreek: Take half (½) cup of fenugreek and 2 cups of water.Soak fenugreek seeds in water for 12-13 hours.Then strain the fenugreek, use that water on your hair after  washing your hair with shampoo. This water will strengthen your  hair.

Fenugreek with mustard: For making this hair pack, take half cup fenugreek powder and mustard powder.Mix them in warm water to make a paste.Then apply it on your hair and wait for 40 minutes and then wash your hair  properly.

Fenugreek with henna: Take 1 cup henna paste, 1 cup fenugreek paste.Mix them well. Apply on your hair.Wait for 50 minutes and wash properly.

The amount of things that I have mentioned here may need less or more than this on your hair. So keep the ratio of the amount of things and reduce or increase the amount according to your need.

Special tips for hair care :

1.Try to keep your hair away from dust, dirt, and sun.

2.Never comb or tie wet hair.

3.Avoid hitting the hair.

4.Always use conditioner after using shampoo.

So if you are suffering from a hair fall problem, gather natural products, use them and get permanent hair fall solution. 


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