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Fashion & BeautyHow to get a fair hand at home?

How to get a fair hand at home?

We always think about the face, but we also have to think about the hands or feet too. Our hands become black in the sun. We have to think about those black hands. Many people use many types of lotions or hand lotions to get fair hands. Creams are used, but they are not so effective for the skin. Many lotions also contain adulterants. Moreover these lotions or hand creams are not  safe for all types of skin.For getting a fair hand at home, today we will talk with you about 5 natural things which will help you to get a fair hand at home.

1.Cucumber : 

It is a very important thing for our skin and health.It contains vitamin B1,B2, B3, B5,B6,B9, vitamin C, vitamin K, Zinc,Sodium,Potassium and many other vitamins and minerals.These are very important for our skin.

Uses of cucumber… 

Only use cucumber : For getting a fair hand you can use cucumber juice.If you regularly use that,your hand becomes more beautiful than before.Take 1 for 2 cucumbers. Cut them.Then pour into a blender jug.Blend them. Separate the juice from there. Then apply the juice on your hand and massage. Wait for sometimes and wash properly. 

Cucumber with honey :  For making this face pack, you have to take 1 cucumber. Make a paste of it.Then you have to mix 2 tablespoon honey with it.Mix them well.Then apply it on your hand.Wait for 7-8 minutes and wash properly. It will also help your hand  to be smooth. 


It is very salutary for our skin.It has vitamin B1,B3,B6, vitamin C,vitamin K and many other vitamins and minerals. These vitamins make tomatoes very nutritious.It is also salutary for health.

Use of tomatoes…

Only use tomato :You can   also use just tomato on your hand.For using on hand,  you have to make a paste of it.Take 2 tomatoes. Make a paste of them.Then use it on your hand before bath.Wait for 10 minutes and then go to bath.After using this face pack some days,you can realize that your hand becomes more beautiful than before.

Tomato with rice powder and gram flour :Take a tomato. Cut it in half. In a separate bowl, mix rice curd and gram flour. Spread a little of the mixture on a piece of tomato, scrub the skin with that tomato.If you regularly scrub your skin by following that.Your skin will look very beautiful. 

3.Lentils : 

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It works very well in regular skin care.It contains vitamins,minerals, antioxidants which help to keep our skin well.

Uses of lentils…

Only use of lentils : Lentil paste is a very common and easy face pack.For making this face pack, take a lot of lentils.Make a paste of them.Then apply the paste on your skin. Wait for 7 minutes and wash properly. 

Lentils with milk : Take half cup lentils paste and much milk.Mix them well.Then apply to your skin.Wait for 10 minutes and wash properly. 

Lentils with curds : Curds are also very important for our skin.For making this face pack, you have to take 4 tablespoons of lentil paste, 3 tablespoon curd.You have to mix them well.Then apply on your hand. Wait for 5-7 minutes and then wash properly. It will also smoothen your skin.

4.Sandalwood :

You can use sandalwood face pack regularly for natural glowing skin.It is a very important element for skin care.By using sandalwood regularly, you can get pimple free skin.

Uses of sandalwood… 

Only use of sandalwood: For only using sandalwood, you have to make a paste of it.Apply the paste on your hand. You have to wait for 8 minutes and then wash properly. It will make your skin glowing, fairing. 

Sandalwood with rose water: Rose water is used for getting fair skin from the earliest time.The combination of rose water and sandalwood is a great face pack for getting fair skin. For making this face pack, you have to take 3 tablespoons of sandalwood powder and some drops of rose water. Mix them well. Apply it on your skin.Wait for sometime and wash properly. 

Sandalwood with fuller’s earth: For making this face pack, you have to take sandalwood paste and fuller’s earth. Mix them well.Then apply the pack on your hand.Wait sometimes and wash properly. 

5.Milk :

Milk cleanses the skin from within. As a result, sun tan and dark spots are easily removed. Also, milk increases the brightness of the skin and also adds moisture.Milk contains vitamin A,vitamin B which help to create new cells in our skin.Besides it increases skin’s elasticity and makes the skin vibrant. It contains lactic acid which gives us a bright,soft,flawless skin. To keep skin well you have to use it.

Uses of milk…

Only use of milk: Raw milk is a best cleanser.You can clean your skin with it.It will help your skin to be fair. Regular use of milk also smoothens the skin.

Milk with ripe papaya: Papaya is another awesome  thing to get fair skin. For making this face pack, you have to take ripe papaya and raw milk.Mix them well.Make a paste of them.Then apply it on your skin.Wait for sometime and wash properly. 

Milk with papaya and honey: Take powdered milk,ripe papaya and honey.Mix them well.Make a paste of them.Then apply it to your skin.Wait for 8-10 minutes and wash properly. After using this pack for a few days, you can see the difference in your skin compared to before.

You all will apply these on your skin to get a good benefit. By using these you can get a great benefit on your skin.You can make these at home.Use these and inform us if you get benefits. To get this type of article  please stay with us.


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