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InsuranceHow to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance?

How to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance?

The one-way solution to how to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurances to get connected to their representative.

Voya ReliaStarmainly provides life insurance at the employer level. That means an employer can get life insurance for his employees. As an employee, you can apply for it through your employer. However, it depends on your employer if he wants to choose this company.

If the employer gets Voya ReliaStarlife insurance for the employees, they can buy supplementary insurance using their own Money.

Initially, it is a bit analog as you can not apply online for Voya ReliaStarlife insurance. However, reaching out to their representative is a call away. Before that, knowing more about Voya ReliaStarand its life insurance may guide you through the process.

About Voya ReliaStar and its life insurance

Voya, which got its name from the word voyage, has mainly focused on financial plans since the start. It offers health and wealth solutions and also investment management.

Now, if we come to life insurance, Voya operates here with ReliaStar. Voya 2000, which began a long journey with life insurance. ReliaStar does the underwriting for life insurance for Voya.

How to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance?

Voya provides life insurance through an employer to its employees. An individual can get investment management with an online application but not life insurance.

However, you can contact them directly or call (800)955-7736 for details about the policies. On another webpage of Voya, there is also an online form available through the “talk to us button. You need to fill them out and send them. Soon their representative will contact you.

So, as you know, it is natural for any American company to provide life insurance to their employees. The company or employer can connect directly to Voya or a broker.

The employee will naturally need to fill out personal, financial, and beneficiary forms. He can choose health benefits and retirement planning too. The tax return transcript and medical declaration are other parts of the document. You may also find the agent’s report attached to the application form.

In addition, you can use electronic funds transfer as an automatic fund transfer process using your payroll or other sources. The agent can set you up on how to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance with more details needed here.

Life insurance options in Voya ReliaStar

Voya provides life insurance in two subcategories. They are group term life insurance and group whole life insurance. Initially, an employee can access them through their employer.

Though an employee gets limited options from employer-paid life insurance, the employee can buy additional policy options.

Voya ReliaStar life insurance comes with a portable option. That means the employee can keep the insurance in force even after changing jobs. However, the option to convert it to a permanent one is available too.

Group whole life insurance provides coverage for the lifetime. It requires the employee to keep on paying the premium, of course. This life insurance is also portable; the insured employee can keep it in force even after retirement.

Whole life insurance is beneficial as it creates cash value that an employee can withdraw. This life insurance is often an additional coverage policy the employee must pay for.

There are two riders’ options in Voya ReliaStar life insurance. These come under additional life insurance policies in a company. They have an accelerated death benefit rider and waiver of premium rider.

Assessments in Voya ReliaStar

Voya Financial provides a unique assessment called the Financial Wellness Assessment. Employees can access this tool if their employer chooses this plan for them. This tool has six pillars: protection, spending, and saving; emergency fund; retirement; debt; and other goals. The employees can understand their financial condition with simple questions and answers.

Another tool is my orange Money. Employees can get an idea of their retirement needs and their current situation.

myHealth&Wealth is another assistive tool in Voya. This tool helps employees choose their benefits more precisely.

Investment application through life insurance in Voya ReliaStar

If you want to invest your Money, Voya Financial has an option. Luckily, any individual can apply for it online. The website of Voya will get you through several filling processes through the “take action link in individual criteria.

In addition, you can take the help of their professionals if you want them to handle it for you. If you already have life insurance from Voya, you can add life insurance as the funding source.

Why apply for life insurance through Voya ReliaStar?

This question may arise after knowing how to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance.The first reason is that if your employer chooses Voya Financial, you will get to choose it. Secondly, Voya ReliaStar life insurance offers a comparably low price for the policies.

ReliaStar, the life insurance underwriter of Voya, got a good rate from A.M. Best and fewer complaints.

What is the con of applying for Voya ReliaStar life insurance?

One noticeable con is that Voya gives a fundamental level of life insurance. You can not have so many options. Moreover, you also can not get enough info on life insurance on the website of Voya. An online quote is unavailable on its website. The website does not provide much information on the premium prices.

In any case, you need to depend fully on the representative of Voya Financial for your life insurance application.

Is it possible to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance without being an employee?

Unfortunately, individuals cannot buy life insurance directly from Voya without an employer. You can manage your life insurance or buy supplemental policies later. But first, you need to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance when your employer enlists you for it.


To know more on how to apply for Voya ReliaStar life insurance,you may contact Voya Financials’ email. In any case, you might want to call their representative first, as he/she will take over next. Nonetheless, knowing you can also cancel Voya’s term life insurance without much hassle could be a relief.

We tried our best to give the correct information regarding the query. In addition, we gave a summary of Voya ReliaStar life insurance as it may help to make a better decision.

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