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InsuranceHow Much Does a Bankers Life Insurance Agent Make

How Much Does a Bankers Life Insurance Agent Make

Do you know how much a banker’s life insurance agent makes? Bankers’ Life Insurance is a subgroup of CNO Company. CNO is a Fortune 1000 organization whose companies offer insurance goods and services to clients in the US.

The parent group of Bankers Life, CNO Financial Group, was founded in 1879 in Chicago, Illinois.They primarily offer products for Medigap Policies, Long Term Care Insurance, Short Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, and Annuities.

Bankers Life is one of the biggest individual health and accident insurance companies in the US. After 1879, gentleman John D. MacArthur bought Bankers’ Life and served it till his death, making Banker’s Life Insurance effective for all middle-class Americans.

In this article, we’ll focus on the Bankers’ Life Insurance Agent’s working policy and their ability to improvise and earn income. Some of you may already be aware of this, and some of you may have read this post because you might be considering working with them.

Bankers Life Insurance Policies

Bankers Life Insurance works in the senior market, and so do agents, because life insurance generally deals with 50-to-80-year-old people. Bankers Life is any company that’s serving that niche group of people. It’s a huge opportunity. So, there are 10,000 people in the USA turning 65 every day for the next 9, 10, or 11 years.

That’s why it’s a huge senior market because if you’re selling a product, you need to have people to talk to, and you don’t want to run out of people to serve. So, they focus on the senior market with products like long-term care.

People pay a monthly premium if they get hurt, can’t live in their home anymore, get laid up, or are put into a nursing home. Long-term care plans help pay for those expensive senior living facilities. Those things can cost $5–10 thousand per month. So long-term care is one policy that Bankers’ Life Insurance serves.

Agents who work for Bankers Life Insurance

So how much does a banker’s life insurance agent make?Bankers Life Insurance hires agents to help Bankers Life sell their policies and products to people. Bankers’ Life agents work sequentially for Bankers’ Life.

  • They divide their work into a preferred day within a week.
  • Firstly, maybe they spend 2 days a week calling potential customers in the senior market. Over a phone call, agents try to make them understand the necessity of bankers’ life insurance and health care. That’s called cold calling.
  • Secondly, agents try to make an appointment so that they can understand their targeted customers more effectively about their policies. Face-to-face conversation hires and trains agents to describe the terms and conditions of Bankers Life.
  • If customers are convinced, agents can issue life insurance in their name.
  • Even agents make a short list sometimes of their potential buyers. And they often visit their homes to consult the policies of Bankers’ Life Insurance and medical care.

That’s how agents who are hired and trained by Bankers Life Insurance work for them.

Review of the Payings of Agents of Bankers Life Insurance

This section only knows about the final expense, which is how agents are paid.

  • If an agent sells a policy to someone over the phone, on average, Bankers Life Insurance provides him $60. That’s the average policy that they sell. And if $60 is paid in a month for a year, that’s $720.
  • When agents make that sale, they charge customers the first month’s payment and issue the policy. And then, when that happens within 48 hours of that, the agents receive an advance.
  • In the insurance world, you’ll see the contracts range from 50–145% in the first year. For example, if you’ve got a 100% contract, that means the insurance company, to incentivize you, created an advanced system, so what they’re saying is that’s a $60 policy.
  • Company projects that they’re going to pay for you for over a year. So for the first year, they go ahead and give you an advance off your first year commission of 75%.
  • And when customers are paying premiums every month, the company will pay you $45 a month. That means yearly agents can earn 540$ more over one policy issue.
  • And after 1 year, when customers renew their insurance, you’ll be paid a thank you check. And the percentage will be increased 10-15% over that payment of $60 per month.
  • So, suppose you’re writing 5 applications a week, and each one is advancing you on average $540. In that case, that’s $2700 in your bank account in week one. On average, that would put you at ten thousand dollars of immediate advanced income into your bank account.
  • That’s why we can say if you write 1 application a day, you’ll have over 100 thousand dollars in first-year compensation; if you do two, it’s over 2 hundred. If you do three, over three hundred thousand, and the math is that simple.

But sometimes it’s exhausting working for them. You have to get good training to sell these policies. Years of experience are sometimes required to be relevant in this field. Scholars find it so tricky to survive in this arena.

End Talk

How much does a banker’s life insurance agent make?Bankers’ Life Insurance agents can lead peacefully if they can sell policies regularly. As they sell products and policies, they’ll receive percentages of that policy with a yearly advance. And their policy sale income can fill up the rest of the compensation gradually.

Patience is the most important thing to survive as a Bankers’ Life Insurance Agent. You’ve got to call potential customers and make them understand the benefits or importance of life insurance in their lives. This can lead you to become a successful agent as well. This article also presents a review and idea of an agent’s income and the chain of income.

Happy reading.


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