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InsuranceHow is Zander Life Insurance Company So Cheap

How is Zander Life Insurance Company So Cheap

One of the biggest and most established independent insurance firms in the country, Zander life insurance Group is based in Nashville and dates back to 1925. The agency’s management has remained within the Zander family for its entire existence. The founder of the company’s current CEO, Jeffrey Zander, is his great-grandson.

In addition to its lengthy history and family ownership, Zander Insurance has a few more characteristics that make it a reasonably pleasant firm. According to Zander’s website, the company is 49% employee-owned, a figure that was chosen to give staff a large part in the agency’s success while maintaining family control over managerial decisions.

This group also provides financial aid for kids who need it since a parent has passed away. That sounds like a very creative way for a life insurance broker to advertise its services while also carrying out a kind deed. Therefore, learn why Zander Life Insurance is so affordable.

Why is the Zander life insurance company so affordable?

Zander Insurance Group is more of a multi-faceted independent agency when compared to online brokers who focus on life insurance.

Due to its low cost and set premium amounts, term life insurance is one of the most preferred choices for applicants of all ages. It is temporary insurance for a certain period. If you die during that time, the insurer pays a death benefit. In the absence of such action, the coverage expires, and you will not be reimbursed or receive your money back.

For $12 per month, young, healthy nonsmokers can purchase term life insurance. Applying when you are young is the best approach to ensure low rates for the policy’s life because the same procedure would be substantially more expensive for older applicants. Term life insurance appears to be the main product for Zander insurance company. That’s why Zander life insurance is so cheap.

Which Services Are Offered by Zander Insurance?

The Zander Insurance Group is an unaffiliated insurance company. This means that Zander promotes and sells insurance policies to the general public on behalf of several insurance providers that the agency works with.

When potential insurance customers contact Zander, Zander assists them in locating appropriate coverage through one of the providers in its network.

Zander is not the place where you buy an insurance plan. It is purchased from an insurance provider that Zander does business with, and Zander arranges the sale.

How Does Zander Insurance Operate?

  • Complete the online form.
  • Obtain price quotations from
  • significant insurance providers.
  • You can select the quote that most accurately describes you by contrasting them all.

Based on the information you provide on their website during the quick and straightforward application procedure, Zander obtains quotations from all the major insurance providers rather than underwrites any policies themselves. And it simply takes a few minutes to complete, especially if customers choose an exam-free approach.

Zander only provides term life insurance; it does not provide universal or whole life insurance. However, your premium will be fixed for the entire policy period, preventing unexpected high costs. Even more, the justification for purchasing a life insurance policy from Zander while you’re still young and your

Premiums are at their lowest. Click here for updates here

 How is Zander Insurance funded?

If a customer decides to buy a policy, Zander will be paid a commission as an agent that is included in the insurance price. Although Zander is produced by the insurance company, not the customer, the money comes from premiums.

Captive agents, in contrast, exclusively work for one carrier and can only assist customers in obtaining insurance from that particular business. Although occasionally supplemented with a salary, captive agents are also typically paid on commission.

However, a captive agent can only offer quotations from one business, which is more significant. Working with a captive agent eliminates the chance to compare prices.

Naturally, the term “independent agent” is still a broad one that may refer to anyone, from the guy with the tiny office next to the hardware store to a massive, private-equity-backed online broker that drives absurdly high amounts of web traffic.

Instead of only conducting business online, Zander’s customer interactions are predominantly telephone-based, and when a policy is issued, Zander maintains a closer relationship with its clients.

A traditional independent agent is more likely to help with policy inquiries, claims, and other interactions with the insurance company, whereas virtual brokers typically disappear after a deal is made.

Customer service is a critical component of Zander Insurance’s marketing strategy, and although internet reviews are not outstanding, they are primarily favorable.

The business has kept an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, accredited since 2004. Click here

Zander Life Insurance’s advantages

Zander offers a broader choice of coverage than some other online life insurance providers, ranging from $50K to as much as $10 million, and monthly prices change depending on the plan chosen.

Financial professionals typically advise getting coverage for up to 12 times your yearly income. No matter your payment, you may contact the proper coverage.

Even though Zander only provides term life insurance, the duration of that coverage is between 10 and 30 years. For instance, choose a 30-year term while you’re young to save money on your life insurance premium as you become older, accumulate wealth, and pay off debt.

As was noted earlier, most online life insurance providers only offer products from a single firm or a small number of companies. Regarding the sheer quantity of plans supplied, Zander is the only competitor. When comparing quotes with Zander, you can browse them side by side and change the conditions and restrictions until you discover the coverage and monthly cost that’s right for you.

What options are there for payments?

The listed premiums are based on every year. There are additional choices for quarterly and monthly premium payments. Only electronic fund transfers may be used to make monthly payments. When premiums are paid more frequently than annually, most businesses demand an additional fee.

Do Zander and the listed insurance firms have the proper authorizations to conduct business in my state?

Yes! Jeffrey J. Zander is licensed in every state where business is done, and our grading program identifies the most outstanding value offered in your jurisdiction.


Zander is a great choice to examine all of your life insurance possibilities. It is most likely your best choice if you want a specific term life insurance policy without any frills and you don’t want to speak with someone who might be able to steer you in the direction of a better term policy or even a better permanent policy. I believe you now understand how Zander Life Insurance Company can offer such low rates.

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