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CookingHaji biriyani recipe:

Haji biriyani recipe:

Haji biriyani is a very famous dish in Bangladesh. Haji Biriyani of Old Dhaka has an extra fame and tradition. . In 1939 a person named Haji Mohammad Mohsin reduced his restaurant and started to sell the delicious dish.Not only fame and tradition, but also haji biriyani is so delicious and tempting.After the starting of Haji’s restaurant, gradually it has become  a part of the Old Dhaka’s culture.It has become very popular throughout the Bangladesh. Every district has a branch of Haji biriyani restaurant.Even foreigners who come to visit Bangladesh  enjoy this food.

You can make this traditional and delicious food item at home by following some simple steps.You won’t need to much time for cooking it.

Today we will share this famous  biryani recipe. Let’s start.

Ingredients :

1.Full fat mutton – 750g  (Remember that here fat is very important.Mutton and fat’s ratio must be 200g:1kg. That means 200g fat in 1kg mutton,fat increases the taste of the dish and it’s a feature of haji biriyani) 

2.Pulao rice – 550g  ( You can use Kalijira or Chinigura any kind of pulao rice but don’t use Basmati rice.Be careful about that, don’t take more rice than mutton.)

3.Haji Biryani spice – It is a special masala.Take 1and ½  medium sized Mace,⅓ big sized Nutmeg, ½ teaspoon of white Pepper powder ,8 medium sized Cardamom , 1 piece 2 inch Cinnamon. Make powder of these without frying. If the powder is more than 1.5 tablespoons, you have to use 1.5 tablespoons of this powder.Actually we need 1.5 tablespoon of this mixture of this condiments to cook biriyani. 

4. Mustard oil – ½ cup.Don’t use ghee or soybean oil. 

5. Chopped Onion – ½ cup.

6. Salt – 1 tablespoon. 

7. Green chili – 12 down the middle. Don’t use red chili powder because if you use red chili powder it will make your biryani reddish.The Haji biryani colour must be light so that you need to use green chili. 

8. Sour curd – take 2 tablespoons of sour curd, mix water with it and beat it properly in a bowl.Keep it aside.

9. Almond paste – 1 Tablespoon.

10.Ginger paste – 1.5 Tablespoon. 

11.Garlic paste -½  Tablespoon.

12.Milk powder – ¼ cup.

13.Water – Quantitatively or according to need.

Main cooking:

Take a pan, stream  half cup mustard oil into it.Heat the pan. When the oil becomes hot, put the onions into the oil.Stir the onions for a few moments. Fry the onions very lightly.Don’t make the colour of onion golden  like barista.When you can see it becomes whitish then stop frying the onion.After frying the onions give the chilies into the oil. The chilies will make the biryani spicy and produce a specific smell. Stir the ingredients properly. Then you need to add salt.Add salt to the pan.After that  add mutton into the ingredients.  Stir them properly.Then add the garlic paste, almond paste, ginger paste gradually.Mix all the ingredients very  well and fry the mutton until it’s colour become change  and it forsakes oil.After 5-7 minutes you can see the colour of the mutton has changed and the mutton has forsaken oil.Then add the beaten sour curd and the biryani masala. Mix it well until the water dries up and forsake oil.After that add enough water to boil the mutton. Boil it on low flame. After 30 minutes you can see that the water will dry and forsaken oil.Add more water and milk powder.Mix it well and stir them.Wait for the boiling of water.. After boiling, mix it properly. and add the rice.Mix them well.When it will boil, check the salt if it  is salty it is right, but if it is not salty you have to add more salt. Cook it on low flame for 10 minutes. And after that your biriyani is ready to serve.

You will smell a delicious and tempting smell from biriyani. Also it will look so good.You can make this biriyani at home and can feel the vibe of restaurants.

You can cook this delicious dish on different occation, family functions and for entertaining guest.It’s a royal dish indeed.


1.You have to take full fat mutton, fat is a must for Haji Biriyani.

2.Use non sticky pan.

3.In the last stage after adding rice, taste the dish, if it is tasted salty, then it is alright. But if you don’t feel salty taste, then you have to add more salt.But there is no need to worry. After cooking, the taste of salt will be perfect.

Health alert:

Haji biriyani contains too much fat.And the dish is oily.It contains large amount of carbohydrates, proteins and excessive amount of fat.

Haji biriyani can be cooked in a special day.It is not the food for regular lunch or dinner.People with heart disease, please avoid it.Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure have to avoid haji biriyani also.Those people who are in diet,should not take this dish.Because,it contains high calories.Any type of patients should avoid it.

Haji biriyani is so delicious.And for that reason it is so demanding in Bangladesh.People pay a lot for this.Also many Bangladeshi restaurants situated in the another country sell this traditional and delicious food.If you can cook it at home, it will be more hygienic and fresh for your family. Also you can save a lot of your money.

So why are you late or what are you waiting for.If you have the ingredients or if you have to manage a family get together then cook the biriyani and make everyone happy.It’s  perfect for any occation.Even people keep this item in their marriage ceremony. 

If you have to cook for many people,then just increase the ingredients proportionately.Don’t use excessive amount of any ingredients above proportion.Then the actual taste of biriyani will be lost.

The recipe has been taken from you tube channel, special thanks to them.

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