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Fashion & BeautyHair fall: Most common causes and conditions

Hair fall: Most common causes and conditions

Sometimes our hair gets dehydrated when the weather changes. As a result, the hair can become rough and dry. Even if you bathe in chlorine water on a hot day, your hair becomes rough. Therefore, the dry part of the split ends of the hair should be cut off.

A good conditioner should be used to get rid of the roughness. The mask should be used in such a way as to nourish the scalp and hair length. Oily scalps should definitely use masks instead of oiling treatments.

Some common conditions of hair fall: You should know

  1. Rush on Heat Styling Products

The temperature rises already during the hot season. On top of that, using heat styling products on the hair can be more damaging to the hair. In fact, the use of heat styling products in the summer makes the hair more rough and dry. So it is better not to use such ingredients for hair. Not only that, it is better to keep your hair tied while going out.

  1. For oily scalp

Sulfate-free hair products should always be used in hair care. Because hair and scalp often become oily during hot summer days. In that case, a good sulfate-free shampoo will help control oil and maintain the pH level of the scalp. Apart from this, this type of shampoo will also prevent seasonal allergies.

  1. To prevent hair fall problem

Seasonal changes can cause flakes on the scalp. In this case, the rough-dry dead skin of the scalp starts coming up. And this generally occurs due to excessive hair fall. 

So it is very important to have a treatment to remove any kind of scalp allergy. Also, aloe vera gel can be applied on the scalp to get relief from sunburn or itching and washing it off with a mild shampoo will give good results.

Causes of hair fall problem: Have a look!

Hair loss is nothing new, and hair fall problems also have a certain limit. It largely depends on our diet, behavior and the answer to hair loss. Whether we shave or not, something goes wrong that causes hair fall. Let’s take a look at some reasons why your hair may fall out.

  1. Your diet is not hair-friendly

Hair health is greatly influenced by diet. Your diet is not only about keeping your weight and general health good but! It also reigns over your hair. Vitamin deficiencies and nutritional deficiencies can cause your hair to fall out in many ways. Eating too much sugary, fatty and refined foods can cause your hair to fall out excessively.

So, add foods rich in protein, omega 3, vitamins and minerals to your diet today to lock in hair. These foods will make your hair strong and silky.

  1. Hair loss due to resting phase

All the hairs on our head do not grow. About 90% of the hair is growing and the remaining 10% is in the resting phase. These usually cause hair fall. But new hair grows in its place. And experts say that losing about 100 hairs per day is normal.

  1. Hair loss due to harmful UV rays

The sun’s harmful UV rays not only damage your skin but also damage your hair equally. UV rays make your hair brittle, weak and dry which can almost double the rate of hair fall. So try to avoid this harmful effect by staying away from direct sunlight. Also a hat or scarf and umbrella must be used.

  1. Applying extra heat to the hair and using chemicals

One of the causes of hair fall is hair coloring or using excessive amounts of chemicals on hair after a few days. Another reason is to always dry hair with a hair dryer and use straighteners. They make your hair brittle.

Applying extra heat to the hair and using chemicals is one of the causes of hair fall is hair coloring or using excessive amounts of chemicals on hair after a few days. Another reason is to always dry hair with a hair dryer and use straighteners. They make your hair brittle.

  1. Not using the right products on the hair

Another reason for hair loss is not using the right hair products. Hair, like skin, has different types. If your hair is dry and you use a shampoo that is meant for oily hair, then there will be a problem.

So, try to use mild shampoo and for better results and try to check the ingredients before buying oil and shampoo. For better results use shampoos and conditioners from the same line. They are made of the same material and complement each other.

  1. A side effect of the medicine is hair loss

Hair loss can also be caused by the side effects of various medications. If you have completed a prescribed course of antibiotics within a few days or have undergone any type of surgery within the past few months, these can cause your hair to fall out.

It is possible that a surgery that has been or is going through too much pressure on your body can be one of the causes of hair loss. So if something like this happens, get enough rest and add more protein to the diet.

  1. Combing hair while wet

Many of us have this habit of combing wet hair after showering. But this is not true because wet hair is much more prone to breakage than dry hair. Wet hair comes out from the root with a little stroke because then the hair root is soft.

So while the hair is wet, gently remove the tangles as much as possible with your fingers and dry the hair by gently wiping with a soft towel. Comb your hair after it is completely dry, not before.

  1. Excessively tight hair ties cause hair fall

High ponytails or buns may look cute, but wearing them up for long periods of time increases the chances of your hair becoming loose at the roots and also increases the rate of hair loss. So, try not to change the same hairstyle every day and try to avoid it lightly while combing, combing, etc.


Look at the causes of hair fall. In fact, we all know more or less about them but we do not care about them or we torture our hair as we wish. But when hair fall starts thinning or excess hair starts to fall out, we worry. However, care should be taken not to make these mistakes because the beauty of the hair largely depends on the beauty of the face. Save your hair with proper care.



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