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Fashion & BeautyHair care: Basic hair care Treatment

Hair care: Basic hair care Treatment

At present, healthy hair is like a dream to all. Getting healthy hair is not such an easy task. We all have to be more conscious of our effective hair care functionally.

Proper wash and using quality products for hair care have great benefits for getting healthy hair.  We need to always try to be conscious about the proper treatment consulted by dermatologists. Now, we are going to discuss the simple and most needed tips and techniques for hair care treatment.

How does your hair get damaged?

We damage our hair through some improper causes. We cannot understand that some misconceptions cause our hair to be damaged. Let’s know the common and usual causes for hair damaging issues-

●    Extreme dry hair:

We like to use different high-quality products for our hair treatment. We apply these products for getting instant glowing hair. These chemical products generally damage our hair gradually and make our hair dry more.

●    Heat treatment

Sometimes we go to a parlor to provide heat treatment to our hair. It is useful for hair growth. But, extreme heat is very harmful for hair. It extremely dries our hair and causes hair fall.

●    Curl to straight

If we have curly hair, we want to get straight hair through chemicals and tools. This process is tremendously harmful for our hair. Bad impact of this treatment is extreme hair damage and hair fall.

●    Oily hair

Extreme oily hair as well as oily scalp is not good at all. Oily scalp for a long time can damage our hair and cause hair fall. Most of the time, we apply oil on our hair and keep it for a long time. It damages our hair and causes hair fall.

●    Dirty hair and dandruff

If you don’t clean your hair properly and dandruff stays on your scalp, you can damage your hair unnecessarily. So, wash your hair properly and keep away from dandruff.

●    Medicine

Sometimes, we need to take high antibiotics frequently to recover from our disease. This medicine may have side effects on our hair. Your hair can damage frequently and unnecessarily.

Identify the damaged hair

If you want to identify your damaged hair, you need not go to a hair care institution. You can identify your damaged hair at your home. Firstly, take some hair through your finger and watch it from top to toe. Just concentrate on the texture of your hair. Feel the smoothness of your hair carefully. If you can understand the uneven texture of hair, it is probably damaged hair or you can consider it as a sign of damage.

General tips for your healthy hair

Let’s know some common and general tips for healthy hair-

1.    Properly wash

Sometimes, we are very busy at our daily work. We can skip our bath or ignore washing our hair properly. Important thing is that, if our scalp is oilier, which is unexpected, we need to thoroughly clean our hair thoroughly. If you need, you can wash your hair more than on time. Otherwise, your hair can be damaged. So, the daily cleaning process is more important for all.

2.    Limited wash for dry hair

With our increasing age, our skin becomes more rough and dry. So, to remove this dryness we need to hydrate our scalp. For hydrating, you can apply medicated oil on your scalp and hair. It will hydrate your scalp and hair perfectly. So, be careful about the dryness of your scalp.

3.    Medicated shampoo & conditioner

A proper and suitable shampoo selection is a very important task. We have to choose a medicated shampoo for improving our hair texture. Be concentrated on cleaning your scalp first with shampoo and then clean the overall hair gently.

A quality conditioner is very useful to save your hair from damage. If you use a conditioner after every wash, your hair will be saved from UV that is very harmful for hair. If possible, you can use a two in one shampoo. When you apply the conditioner in your hair, concentrate that it should not be touched on your scalp.

4.    Hair protection at outdoor

All of us should concentrate on our hair when we are outdoors like swimming or any open area. Wisely, we should apply the condition on our hair before swimming. It will save our hair from chlorine. Try to cover your hair when you leave your home. And, after swimming, reapply conditioner on hair after swimming that can retain hair moisturizing.

5.    Far away from heat

Try to keep your hair from heat. Otherwise, your hair will be extremely dry and damaged through UV ray. So, all of us should be concerned about proper hair treatment.

6.    Use hair mask

The kitchen materials are very beneficial for our hair treatment. Protein related elements like yogurt; eggs, mustard oil, avocado, olive oil, etc. are more beneficial for natural hair growth and hair strength. These useful elements help to strengthen your hair also.  

7.    Regular oil message

Oil messaging is a general and most effective process for hair growth. We should massage oil on our hair scalp properly and gently. It enhances the blood circulation of the scalp that helps to grow hair properly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is considered damage to hair?

Damaged hair generally refers to dull, dry, frizz hair that looks rough enough and it causes extreme hair fall. So, to protect our hair we have to apply hair treatment products.

Can damaged hair be repaired?

Extreme growth of dead cells and dandruff can damage shiny hair. Yes, it is possible to repair damaged hair properly with proper hair treatment.

What is the best care for hair?

Some easy and best hair care is washing hair properly, using medicated shampoo and conditioner, keeping your hair from sun rays, etc.


Hair care is a mandatory and regular task for all. People need to be more conscious about hair treatment. We have some misconceptions on our hair care and treatment that can damage hair.

So, always try to think of the products that are medicated and beneficial for our hair and help to grow our hair naturally. Have a nice day with your beautiful hair.


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