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CookingFried chicken recipe:

Fried chicken recipe:

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Fried chicken

Fried chicken or chicken is a very famous and delicious dish.We can’t find anyone who doesn’t like chicken fry.To enjoy fried chicken normally we have to go to restaurant and pay a descent amount.But cooking fried chicken at home is very easy task. It will need only 1-1.5 hours and recipe is too simple.You can get perfect and delicious fried chicken at home with what you have in your kitchen.

So let’s know about fried chicken recipe.


1.half kg chicken( piece of chicken have to be cut like fried chicken shaped or as your wish.Chicken should be taken with skin.For this after cooking, fried chicken will be more juicy and crispy.But if you don’t like the smooth skin above the chicken piece, then you can avoid it.)

2.1 tablespoon of ginger paste.

3.1 tablespoon of garlic paste.

4.1 tablespoon of redi chili powder. 

5.1 teaspoon of fragrant spices or Garam Masala powder.

6.1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

7.salt (according to taste, but It’s to little)

8.half tea spoon red chili powder 

9.2 cup of flour.

10.4 tea spoon of cornflour.

11.water(according to need)

12.oil.( according to need)

Cooking steps:

Chicken fry cooking is very easy. The first step of making fried chicken is to marinate the chicken.

1.Chicken marinating :

Take a bowl for marinating.Then take half kg chicken pieces in the bowl.After that add ginger paste, garlic paste, 1 tablespoon of redi chili powder, 1 teaspoon of garam masala powder, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce serially.Then add a little salt (according to need) to the ingredients.Be carefull about adding salt to the ingredients. Soy sauce tastes to much salty, to you don’t need to add extra more salt to the ingredients. Then mix the ingredients properly.Mix them for a few minute with your hand.

Then keep aside the mixture for 2 to 3 hours.If you don’t have enough time, then try to keep the marinated chicken for at least 1 hour.If you delay more, the condiments will enter the chicken more and that increases the taste and softness of chicken fry.So try to wait for 2 hours.

2.Coat the marinated chicken:

Coating the chicken pieces is very important part of cooking chicken fry.If you can coat it properly, then your chicken fry will be more crispy and tasty.It will look more perfect then.So we need 4 tablespoon of corn flour,2 cup flour and a little salt for coating.Now what to do.

Take a flat bowl.Take cornflour, flour and salt on the bowl. Mix them properly.

Set another small sized bowl.Take water on this. 

Now take a piece of chicken on the bowl of flour.Coat the chicken with the flour properly.Then sink the coated chicken into the bowl of water.Sink it for 30 seconds.Then take the wet chicken and again move it to the bowl of flour. Again coat it with the flour.Give pressure with your hand and finger on the chicken.For that chicken will be coated properly and will show little sized projection.That makes the chicken fry crispy and makes the look tempting.

By this process give a coat to all the pieces of chicken.

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3.Fry the coated chicken :

Take a pan and pour a decent amount of oil.Fry will be in sinkable form in oil.Heat the pan. Wait until the oil gets hot.Then leave 3-4 pieces of chicken to oil.You can add more chicken if your pan is large.

Then fry the chicken for 15 to 20 minutes. Heat will be medium to low during the time of frying the chicken.Stir the chicken or rotate it when the one side of chicken get brown. Stir them often or a few minutes later.Do the process repeatedly. 

After 15-20 minute of frying in the pan, your fried chicken is ready. Then move the chicken from the pan,take it on a tissue paper for removing oil.

Decorations depend on you.You can decorate it with sauce,onion, chili, tomato,lemon, leaves and as you wish.

To enhance the taste of chicken fry, eat it with tomato sauce.

Chicken fry can be used as snacks for afternoon or evening. You can have this delicious item with your family during family gossip. Chicken fry is perfect for serving the guest.If you want to make your guest happy then  cook chicken fry. It’s very easy to cook and you won’t need much more ingredients. All the ingredients you need, usually remain in your kitchens.

Children like chicken fry most.So you can make it for their tiffin.

For lunch or dinner you can serve chicken fry with fried rice, pulao or biryani . That will be  a perfect platter for dinner or lunch.

Health Alert :

Chicken fry is an oily and crispy food. So if you are in diet or trying to decrease weight then, avoid chicken fry.If you have heart disease  then don’t eat it.Chicken fry contain high calorie and this is one type of fast food.So you can eat it a day in a week or month.But you should not make it regularly.

If you don’t have soy sauce, then you can avoid it. But the taste will be less than previous.

And if you don’t have cornflour then you can use rice flour instead of it.It will make the fries crispy too.

Chicken fry is on high demand now.Youth are obsessed with chicken fry.

You can make this amazing dish in any type of occasion, program and reception.If you want to make chicken fry at large amount, then just increase the ingredients proportionately that stated before.Make it at home and enjoy the crispy, tasty and beautiful looking dish without going to restaurant.If you make it at home, you can ensure hygiene too.

The recipe has been taken from you tube channels.Special thanks to them.

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