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InsuranceDoes Progressive have mortgage life insurance?

Does Progressive have mortgage life insurance?

Here is how the answer goes to the question, “Does Progressive have mortgage life insurance?” But first, let us know more about mortgage life insurance.

Mortgage life insurance is a sort of life insurance that aids your spouse and/or dependents in making mortgage payments in the event of your passing before the loan is completely paid off. This safeguards them by ensuring that, in the worst-case scenario, they will still have a roof over their heads.

It is also referred to as mortgage protection or mortgage insurance. Still, these terms should not be used interchangeably with mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), which only covers your payments if an unforeseen event renders you unable to work, such as a long-term illness or redundancy.

Does Progressive have mortgage life insurance?

If all you need is enough money to pay off your mortgage, mortgage life insurance is expressly designed to do that. Your family would get a fixed monthly payment that would decrease as your mortgage balance does. Almost always, this kind of life insurance pays the mortgage provider and not your loved ones.

Mark Homer, the founder of Progressive Property, argues why you might not need life insurance if you’re a single person without dependents in order to pay your mortgage. If one of the debtors passes away, the mortgage will be paid back.

Critical illness insurance might be helpful if you’re a single person, though, as it could help you if you become sick and can’t work. Homer believes that sometimes it can be advantageous to purchase level term insurance even if your mortgage debt is declining since “if you passed away, the lump sum payment would be applied to the mortgage or used for other obligations.”

Most clients set the period of their mortgage life insurance policy such that it ends concurrently with their mortgage. A better strategy, according to Homer, would be to purchase coverage that lasts as long as feasible.

He believes that if you had a mortgage with a 20- or 25-year term, you might have paid it off by then. “If you are young and take up a policy for 30 years, it will cost more each month, but in the end, you will have something that is affordable.” This is because certain ailments and higher premiums are more likely to affect you as you age.

There are two primary varieties of mortgage life insurance, and they both operate somewhat differently. Make sure to first conduct your research and make price comparisons for the option you choose. Because of the commission, your mortgage lender or broker will get if you accept the proposed mortgage life insurance, it will probably be highly expensive.

Level-term insurance

With level-term insurance, you can select the payment amount, such as £200,000, and it will remain fixed for the duration of the policy. It could be rather a pricey option because the premiums (or monthly payments) stay the same. Because the balance on an interest-only mortgage won’t fluctuate over the term, level term insurance can be a fantastic choice.

Decreasing term insurance

So, does Progressive have mortgage life insurance?A debt that is getting smaller is covered by decreasing term insurance. If you have a mortgage with a repayment schedule where your monthly payments cover both the interest and a portion of the capital, your debt will gradually diminish. It is intended to cover only the balance of your mortgage.

You can choose to supplement your chosen mortgage insurance with critical illness coverage. The policy will cost less if you apply for it when you are younger and in better health. Because you are statistically more likely to fall sick as you age, arranging critical illness insurance can become very expensive. If you failed to mention a sickness (or a family history of one) when you first applied for the coverage, the insurance company could refuse to pay for it. It is very crucial that you are sincere and exact when providing the insurance with facts regarding your health because if they can show that you were guilty of “non-disclosure,” you won’t receive anything.


Now the question remains, “Does Progressive have mortgage life insurance?” Well, yes, it has. But when choosing the best sort of mortgage protection for you, it’s crucial to consider who might be financially dependent on you. Life insurance is a crucial financial instrument if someone relies on you to pay the mortgage, take care of their needs, or provide for their schooling.

If you pass away before paying off the loan in full, mortgage life insurance will cover your mortgage payments and allow any joint mortgage holders or dependents to continue living in the home.

Progressive Insurance is a significant and well-known insurance provider overall. They offer a user-friendly website and a large selection of insurance products. If you’re looking for an insurance provider, Progressive Insurance is a great option, but make sure you compare them to other life insurance providers first. However, their premiums can be quite expensive, and some customers have reported trouble getting their claims covered.

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