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InsuranceDesjardins Life Insurance Company

Desjardins Life Insurance Company

Desjardins is one of Canada’s largest cooperative financial institutions, frequently ranked among the world’s 50 safest banks.

Desjardins began with one man’s dream. The end of the 19th century was a time marked by recession and high employment. On December 6, 1900, Alphonse Desjardins founded this Desjardins group in Levis, Quebec. He also started to run the first credit union in North America as well, named “Caisse Populaire.”

The Desjardin group formed their first sub-group in 1944 which is known as “Société d’assurance des caisses popularies”. Now it is known as DGI(Desjardins General Insurance).

Desjardins created Life Insurance Login in 1948 (now, we are familiar with it as Desjardins Financial Security). These two groups were doing very well in the post-war eras. They were flourishing rapidly, and they were both known together as Desjardins Insurance.

No matter what, Desjardins Life Insurance is a very impactful company throughout the world. In this article, we’ll learn about Desjardins Life Insurance company.

Services provided by Desjardins Life Insurance

Desjardins Life Insurance provides many services according to the needs of their clients. It includes money, joint funds, retirement, life insurance, lifestyle benefits, transport loans, financial tools, resources, etc.

Desjardins insurance also takes good care of the client’s time and budget. Clients can choose between temporary and permanent life insurance. People have to pay tax over solid cash. Desjardins insurance helps people to choose a permanent life insurance policy that builds cash value that could grow to a sizable amount on a tax-deferred basis over time.

A Desjardins insurance policy can be used to complete a client’s children’s education. Clients can add cash value to their retirement income. Desjardins Insurance also provides funds for emergency expenses required by clients.

For clients, permanent life insurance from Desjardins provides level premiums as long as the client lives, and they also keep the contract in force.

Features of Desjardins Life Insurance

The feature of life term 100

  • Here level premiums to age 100.
  • If a client dies, the insurance proceeds go to the beneficiaries tax-free.
  • Here, coverage starts from $25000.
  • The issue age limit is 0-75 years.
  • It’s available both individually and as a joint.
  • Clients can pay premiums monthly or yearly according to their ability.
  • If clients face an accident, they also provide an additional amount.
  • This amount is fixed and guaranteed.
  • If the client suffers from dismemberment, then benefit payment does not cancel the coverage.
  • Every accident can be eligible for benefits. Special circumstances help to double the benefit.
  • They even provide a certain amount for certain features. Such as skull fractures, $5000 for rib, sternum, scapula, humerus, patella, tibia, fibula, larynx, and trachea fractures, $1500.
  • Here, the monthly amount starts at $46, the annual amount is $519, and the coverage amount is $100.

The feature of age 65

  • Here cash surrender values are available as of the 5th year.
  • Death benefits are available to the client’s beneficiaries.
  • Level premiums to age 65.
  • This Insurance basically targets retirement payments during a client’s working years.
  • Clients can provide premium monthly and annually.
  • Insurance preserves the policy though the client’s income is limited for a reason.
  • Provides guaranteed insurability which adds the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance.
  • Business insurability is also available here.
  • Coverage starts from $10000.
  • The issue ages should be 0-49 years old.
  • Monthly amounts start at $51.93, and annual amounts are $577.

The feature of life guaranteed 20 pay

  • Here payable premiums are for 20 years.
  • Cash values grow tax-deferred.
  • Tax-free death benefit is passed to beneficiaries.
  • Provides long-term care.
  • Financial independence is also available for the clients.
  • Long-term care advance; minimum monthly amount $250.
  • General monthly amount starts for 20 at $68.85
  • Annual amount is $765.
  • Coverage is $100.

Feature of 10 pay

  • Here payable premiums start at 10 years.
  • Monthly payment starts at $103.68.
  • Annual amount: $1152.
  • Coverage amount is $100.

Review of Desjardins Life Insurance

  • Multiple conversion options for permanent life insurance policies.
  • Individual term policies are pricey, but attractive multi-product discounts are available.
  • Offers multiple add-on riders and benefits, giving the flexibility to augment basic life coverage.
  • Attractive discounts on multi-product coverages.
  • Robust suite of critical illness, disability insurance, and whole life products; obtain comprehensive protection through one provider.
  • Allows multiple applicants on the same policy; 1 policy can cover the needs of an entire family.
  • This Insurance can pay premiums by credit card-unique offering.

There is nothing in the world that has no demerits. The disadvantages of Desjardins Life Insurance are:

  • They don’t have any online access.
  • Limited term options; only 4 options are available to choose from by clients.
  • Straight-term options are very expensive.

End Talk

Hope you guys already know enough about the Desjardins Life insurance login. In this article, we will again try to acknowledge your Desjardins insurance policies. This article will help you learn about insurance terms and conditions. Validity, pricing, merits, and demerits are available in this article.

In this era, people are very careful about their income, expenses, savings, etc. Consequently, we want to invest in Insurance as well so that our future generation can be benefited as well. Similarly, our income or savings remain safe in this way.

Desjardins Life Insurance Login also provides a fixed amount of money if any client faces an accident or any unwanted crisis occurs, which is really a great initiative for the client. People can easily withdraw their investments.

However, this article will help you guys to know about the Desjardins Life Insurance Login. People will be able to choose their Insurance easily by going through this article.


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