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CookingChocolate Ice Cream recipe:

Chocolate Ice Cream recipe:

Ice Cream is favourite to all.

chocolate icecream

We can’t find anyone who doesn’t like ice cream.Children like ice cream most.But not only children, young and adult people also love to have  ice cream a lot.

During summer, demand for ice cream increases a lot.In these hot days, ice cream can be the best dish to have.Chocolate ice cream is too delicious and this ice-cream making is too easy.It needs only 3 to 4 items to be made.Now, let’s know the recipe:

Ingredients :

1.Heavy cream -500 ml

2.Condensed milk- 300 gms(  1 cup)

3.5 tablespoons of cocoa-powder.

4.semi-sweet dark chocolate  slices -½  cup. 

5.water.( Hot water)

Making methods:

Cool the bowl where you will make Ice-cream. To do this, refrigerate the bowl for at least 1 hour.

Refrigerate condensed milk and heavy cream too until they become cold.But don’t keep them in a deep freezer.Condensed milk, heavy cream and mixing bowl have to be kept in a normal freezer so that they will be cool but they won’t be glacial or clotted.

Take the cold bowl and pour 500 ml of heavy cream on it.Then add 300 ml of condensed milk to the bowl.Then beat the ingredients  with a electric beater.Beat them for 4-5 minutes in medium speed.When the mixture or bowl will look like foam,then stop beating.

Then you will see the volume of ingredients got doubled than before


Now time to add chocopowder to the foam.Take 5 tablespoon of cocoa powder and add on the mixture.At the time of adding it, set a sieve above the mixing bowl.Then sieve the cocoa powder and add to the mixture.Now again mix the ingredients with an electric beater.Mix all the ingredients properly for a few moments.

Now take semi sweet dark chocolate and slice it.Slice will be too small.Then add half cup of semi sweet dark chocolate to the ice cream mixture.Then mix them properly with a spoon or spatula.

You can avoid semi sweet dark chocolate slices.But it will increase the taste of chocolate ice cream a lot.

Take an airtight plastic box and pour the mixture of ice cream into the box.Then plane  the upper surface with a spoon of knife or spatula.

After that cover the box.Ensure that, the box must be air tight.Then set the box or bowl with ice cream in deep freezer.Keep the box in the deep freezer for at least 10 hours.You can make ice cream mixture at night and keep in the deep freezer for the whole night.

Chocolate icecream

After 10 hours, time to serve it.Your ice cream is perfectly ready. 

Now time to scoop ice cream.Take a cup of hot water.Sink the skoper into the hot water and let the skoper get wet and then skop ice cream. 

Take the scooped  ice cream on a serving plate and serve. 

You can decorate it with chocolate slices  on the upper surface of ice cream.

Or you can use cherry or anything you wish.This ice cream looks so tempting and its taste is too delicious.

Making ice cream is too easy.It will need only 8 to 10 minutes to make the mixture.Then better,keep the ice cream mix in the deep freezer overnight.In the morning you can enjoy the delicious chocolate ice cream.

Tips :

You can use chocolate slices or powder on the upper surface of the ice cream mixture when you set it on the air tight box.This will increase the taste after skoping.

Use fresh, cold condensed milk and heavy cream to get the best taste.

You can use vanilla essence half teaspoon or less to get the odour of vanilla.

If you like sweets a lot,  then you can add granulated sugar  before mixing condensed milk and heavy cream.Then beat sugar, condensed milk and heavy cream together.

If you want to make ice cream at a lesser amount than stated here,then just take the ingredients less but make sure the proportion of all the ingredients.If you the ingredients with proper proportion, then you make as high amount or less as you want.

Health Alert:

Condensed milk, and heavy cream contain too many calories.So if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight, then avoid ice cream.

Regular eating of ice cream can increase body weight.If you are suffering from diabetes, avoid ice cream.

Excessive eating of ice cream or regular ice cream eating excessively increases the risk of cardiovascular disease,cholesterol level in blood.

It can increase the chance of diabetes too.

So take this delicious dessert moderately or in less amounts.

Ice cream is very tempting and everybody likes to have it.So if you can make ice cream at home, it will be a great way to make all of your family members happy.

By making ice cream at home, you can ensure hygiene too.

Ice cream is a wonderful dessert. After dinner or any meal you can serve it.

You can serve ice cream at noon,in the afternoon or in the evening snacks.Chocolate ice cream can be a great dish to entertain guests.

You can make ice cream in a few minutes and keep it in a deep freezer for many days.

Though excessive chocolate ice cream may cause some problems, it has health benefits too.Chocolate ice cream is healthy if you take it in moderate amounts.Chocolate contains a chemical element that helps to prevent cardiovascular disease. It has calcium ions that help to make bones strong.

Chocolate stimulates the brain and helps to increase IQ level.

So, chocolate ice cream can be served to children to fulfil their nutritional demands.

Besides, children love ice cream so much.

So why are you late.Make the delicious chocolate ice cream at home and enjoy it with your family.

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