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CookingChocolate cheese cake (no egg, no bake) recipe:

Chocolate cheese cake (no egg, no bake) recipe:

Chocolate cheese cake

Chocolate cheese is a too yummy dessert. Almost everyone loves to have this delicious dish.Chocolate cheese is popular in many countries.But making this cake doesn’t require any complicated rules.It’s recipe is simple and easy.

Now we will write about the recipe of the delicious and yummy chocolate cheese cake.

Ingredients :

1.10 pieces of medium sized chocolate biscuits. 

2.4 tablespoon of melted butter.

3.300g of semi sweet dark chocolate 

4.1 and ½ cup of heavy cream/ whipping cream 

5.½ cup sugar.

6.2 cup of cream cheese

7.1 teaspoon of oil

8.200ml of water

These were the ingredients. See you can make this yummy dessert by using only a few ingredients. 

Now let’s know cooking methods:

Cooking steps:

1.Make the powder of chocolate biscuits and base of the cake:

Take a blender or grinder. You can take a food processor too.Then add 10 pieces of medium sized chocolate  to the grinder or food process.Grind them and make crumbs or powder like appearance. 

Then add 4 tablespoons of melted butter to the powder of biscuits.Mix them properly.Blend or grind  both together for a few moments. Then it will be perfectly mixed.

Take a bowl where you will make the cake.

Set baking paper on the surface of the bowl.

Then take previously mixed biscuit’s powder on the bowl.Spread it on the surface of the bowl evenly.Make a layer of chocolate biscuits powder.You can use a flat spoon or spatula or any other tools you have to plane the surface of the layer.

Then keep it in the freezer for about 1 hour.Keep it in a normal freezer,not deep.

2.Melt the chocolate:

Take 200g of semi sweet dark chocolate. Split it into numerous slices.

Then set a pan on the stove.Pour 200 ml of water to the pan.

Take a heat resistant bowl.Then put the slices of chocolate on that bowl.Set the bowl above the water on the pan.Boiling water won’t touch the lower surface of the bowl.Set the heat of the stove to low.

Chocolate’s slices will melt due to the heat of boiling water.When chocolate will start melting, stir continuously and slowly just for the transmission of heat to all the slices and making the melting easy.

When the chocolate will melt fully and perfectly, then move it  from the pan and keep it aside.Cool the melting  chocolate at room temperature. 

3.make the main layer of cake:

Take another   bowl.Pour 1 cup of cold whipping cream or heavy cream to the bowl.Whip it for a few minutes by an electric whisk.

Now take another bowl.Add ½ cup of sugar to the bowl.Before adding sugar, make the sugar powder.Then add 2 cups of cream cheese. Cream cheese has to be at room temperature. Mix them with an electric whisk for a few minutes.Then add previously melted chocolate to the mixture.Mix them with electric whisk again.After that add whipped heavy cream or whipping cream to the mixture. Again mix it in the same process.

The batter of the cake is ready.

4.Set the cake in a bowl.

Take the bowl of cake with the  biscuit layer which was kept in the freezer.Then pour the batter into the bowl.Spread it evenly on the bowl.Use a flat spoon or spatula to plane the surface of the batter in the bowl.

Shake  the bowl slowly to make the surface of the cake smooth. Keep it in the deep freezer for about 1 to 1.5 hour.

5.Make the upper decorating layer of the cake:

Take a pan.Pour ½ cup of heavy cream on the pan.Add 1 teaspoon of oil to the pan.Heat the ingredients for a few moments. Don’t let it start boiling.

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Take a bowl.Split 100 g of semi sweet dark chocolate into small sized slices.

Then take the slices of chocolate  on the bowl.Pour hot heavy cream to the bowl.Keep it for 5 to 6 minutes.Then mix the heavy cream with chocolate with a hand whisk. Do it properly.

The solution for the upper layer is ready.

Now time to set the upper layer on the cake.Bring the cake out from the freezer.

Pour heavy cream and chocolate mixture on the upper surface of the cake.Shake it slowly or pour it slowly to spread the solution evenly on the cake.

Then keep the cake again in the deep freezer for at least 8 hours.You can keep it overnight.

After overnight,your cake is ready. Bring it out from the freezer. Take a sharp knife or flat spoon to detach the surface of the cake from the bowl.Then take the cake to a serving dish.

Your chocolate cheese cake is perfectly ready to serve.

Decoration depends on you.This chocolate cheese looks awesome itself.It won’t need further decoration actually. But if you want to decorate the cake again you can.You can decorate it with chocolate, design by cream, anything you want.

Cut the cake with a knife and serve it to people.Chocolate cheesecake is too yummy.Children like it most.

You can make it at home and serve your children and family members. They will surely be happy.

Chocolate cheesecake can be taken as dessert after dinner or lunch. To entertain guests, chocolate cheesecake is one of the best dishes.

Health Alert:

Chocolate cheese cake contains too many calories and cholesterol. So the people who are on a diet and trying to lose weight,don’t eat this cake.

Patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure should not eat chocolate cheese cake, because it contains high amounts of fat as well as cholesterol. 

Chocolate cheesecake is so delicious and tasty and looks cool too.You can have it or serve it to your family on occasion or one or two day in month or one day a week.

To make this delicious cake, there is no need for eggs and no need to bake.

So why are you late? 

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