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CookingChilli Chicken recipe :

Chilli Chicken recipe :

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Chili chicken

Chilli chicken is a very famous and delicious Indo- Chinese food. Everyone from children to old like to eat this dish.It is familiar to all.It is available in every restaurant. But it is not always possible to go to a restaurant and have the dish.. Also sometimes guests come home without informing.For that today we will share with you how to make chilli chicken the same as a restaurant at home.It is very easy.It also doesn’t need too much time. So let’s know the recipe. 

Ingredients and cooking  steps ;

You need a few ingredients to make it. 

First of all you should fry the chicken.  

For that you need the following ingredients:

1.Chicken : you need half kg (500 g) of regular cut little pieces of chicken  for making this.Take  chicken with bones, if you wish you can use boneless chicken. You need to marinate the chicken. For marinating  use the following ingredients.. 

2.Garlic : Use one (1) teaspoon of garlic paste.

3.Ginger : Use one (1) teaspoon ginger paste.

3.Chili : Use one (1) tablespoon red chili powder but if you like to eat more spicy use more chili powder than 1 tablespoon or if you like to eat less spicy use less chili powder than 1 tablespoon. 

4.Cumin : You have to use one (1) teaspoon cumin powder.

5.Salt : Use salt according to taste.

6.Soy sauce : You have to use one (1) tablespoon of soy sauce. 

7.Lemon juice : Use one (1) tablespoon lemon juice.Don’t skip that.Try to use lemon juice.For that the flavor and smell will be good enough. 

8.Garam Masala Powder : Use half (½) teaspoon garam masala powder.

You have to mix it well.After mixing add following ingredients.. 

9. Egg : Use a (1) middle sized egg.

10.Flour : Use four (4) tablespoon flour.But mix the flour little by little. After mixing a lot, if you see it doesn’t need more, don’t add or if you see it needs more, then you have to  add more flour.

Mix it properly.

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After mixing you need to fry the chicken. For frying take a pan on the stove.Mind it you have to fry on medium heat.Pour oil on the pan . Take oil in that quantity that is needed for frying deep in oil.After the oil getting hot add  the chicken one by one in the oil.After frying one side fry another side.When you can see the two sides become reddish then stop frying. Pick up the chickens from oil.

Now you need to make a sauce.For this sauce you have to use following ingredients : 

1.Tomato sauce : You need one fourth (¼)cup of tomato sauce.If you wish you can add chilli sauce with it.

2.Soy sauce : Use one (1) tablespoon of soy sauce. 

3.White pepper powder : You have to use one (1) teaspoon white pepper powder.If you wish you can use black pepper powder. 

4.White vinegar :You have to use one (1) teaspoon of white vinegar.If you wish you can use lemon juice as a substitute for vinegar.

5.Sugar : You have to use one (1) teaspoon of sugar.

6.Tasting salt : After adding sugar you need to use one fourth(¼) teaspoon of tasting salt.If you want to skip that you can skip it. 

Mix it until well.After mixing your sauce is ready! 

Now you need to make the gravy of chilli chicken.For that use these ingredients : 

1.Oil : Use two (2) tablespoons of regular cooking oil.

2.Onion : You have to use half (½)cup of cutted onions.Cut the onions in a big size. 

3.Ginger : Use half (½) teaspoon paste of ginger.

4.Garlic : Use  half (½) teaspoon paste  of  garlic.

If you wish you can use  chopped ginger and garlic as a substitute for paste.

5. Capsicum : You have to use half (½) cup of green capsicum and half (½) cup of red capsicum.Capsicum’s slice will be large or medium sized.If you want you can use  one colour capsicum.

6.Chilli : Use three (3) slices of green chilli.

7.Water : Use half (½) cup water.

  Then again put the pan on the stove.Pour the cooking oil.After the oil becomes hot give the onions. Lightly fry the onions.Then add the capsicums and chillies.Fry these lightly for 2 minutes on high flame.After frying add the sauce  which you have made.Then mix these well.After mixing add the water into it. Then wait until it starts boiling.Make this gravy on high hit.

Remember that any chinese food is cooked on high flame.For that the colour will be good. 

Now you need to make a mixture  of  cornflour and water.For that take two (2) tablespoons of cornflour. Mix two (2) tablespoons of water with it. Then mix them well.

Add the mixture of cornflour into the gravy when the gravy is boiling.You should add the mixture little by little.After adding much if you see that it does not need more than don’t add more or it needs more than add more.The mixture helps to thick the gravy.The gravy won’t be excessive thick or excessive thin.Then add the fried chickens.Mix them properly.

Now your yummy chilli chicken is ready to serve! It is very delicious.You can’t forget the taste of the chilli chicken after eating once. 

Now time to decorate the dish.You can decorate chili chicken as you wish.You can use tomato, cletus leaves, coriander leaves, cucumber to decorate the dish.Chili chicken looks so tempting and eye soothing. If you don’t decorate it,it will still look awesome.

Serve chili chicken with fried rice or masala bread or any kind of pulao.

So try it at your home and serve your guests,child and all.You can cook chili-chicken in any kind of program ceremony of  your family. 

So why are you late? Enjoy the delicious dish.

The recipe has been taken from you tube channels.Special thanks to them.

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