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Baby & CareChildren Motor skill development: Essential factors

Children Motor skill development: Essential factors

Motor skill development is a significant stage of a child’s developmental sector. In this period, children can explore their world actively. They are trying to improve themselves in different sectors.

Among different developing sectors, toddlers can achieve these skills through the help of their parents and other family members. Parents can find various options to build the motor skills development of their toddlers.

We want to discuss some essential factors that a child should develop in this toddler stage, and parents will be the best helping hand for developing their skills properly. Let’s start!

What is motor skill development?

Motor skill refers to the developing sectors of the physical growth of children. Some notable and essential developments are involved in these skills, like the growth of bones and muscles.

 Besides these developments, children have to be developed in the ability to grow around their surrounding area like their movement and ability to do different works with their muscles. 

Types of motor skill development

Practically, children learn how to develop their motor skills. They know to move correctly and confidently in their surrounding areas. There are two types of motor skill development.

  • Fine motor skill development
  • Gross motor skill development

Let’s explain-

Fine motor skill development

Fine motor skill development involves some capabilities of children from their small muscles. These developments come from fingers and hands, through which children can hold and grasp some small particles.

In this fine motor skill development, children can grasp a pen, pick up their foods, etc. in this stage; they also learn how to take care of themselves. It is a critical developing stage for children. Some common fine motor skills are rolling playdough, cleaning teeth, clapping hands, wearing clothes and shoes, etc.

Gross motor skill development

Gross motor skill development is the development and proper growth of a child’s legs, arms, and other large muscles. This development process involves daily physical activities like learning to kick, laugh, run, walk, etc.

Children also develop their recreational parts, awareness processes, strength ability, and maintain balance. During this time, children are created in different sectors based on their age. Let’s check their

development sectors-

  • Kick legs and can move these legs
  • Learn to turn your head on both sides
  • Perform tummy on the floor frequently
  • Learn to roll around
  • Able to work with two hands
  • Move without any help
  • Able to stand also from the floor
  • Learn to ride a tricycle
  • Able to catch a big ball

Are motor skills essential?

Yes! Motor skills are an essential part of every life. These skills are related throughout each work of life. These skills develop in different sectors. You can consider this life just the initial period after birth. And motor skills expand throughout the entire life of children.

These skills develop children to learn a lot of matters to explore their daily life. The initial physical development of life is connected to every child’s life. Without proper development of all motor skills, life may not be fulfilled.

If children fail to develop their motor development properly, they cannot lead others for any further work. In that case, parents and other older people should help them with their proper development.

How can we help children to develop their motor skills?  

Parents and others can develop a child’s motor skills through different playing activities.

Play is one of the most crucial development sectors for children. Children can move their bodies like fingers, hands, legs, etc.

A child care center can help children develop their motor skills properly. The child care centers prepare some programs and planning for children to help them develop their motor skills properly.

Children will get different options and opportunities for developing their motor skills regularly. Let’s explain-

The activities that can support children’s gross motor skill development

Some specific playing activities are arranged to help children uplift their jumping and running skills. They will get options to climb up with different toys. They also can ride, pull toys, etc.

The controlling capability of hands, legs, and arms is involved with gross motor skills. Children get different opportunities for developing their motor skills like;

  • Pushing and pulling activity
  • Playing activities with throwing and catching
  • Jumping work with running
  • The playing activity with a climb

The activities that can support children’s fine skill development

Fine motor development includes the controlling capabilities of small muscles like fingers, toes, hands, feet, etc. Besides these, the tongue and other muscle development processes are also parts of fine motor development.

The baby care center also arranges different activities for fine skill development. Let’s explain-

  • Arrangement of puzzle activities for brain development
  • Handling capabilities of different-sized knobs
  • Performance of wheelchair management for learning other intellectual sessions
  • The equipment for children’s story like brushes, large chalk, scissors, and markers, are all safe material
  • Wheel-shaped toys are essential for providing a lesson on different motor skills
  • Brain development stories, videos, and other activities
How do they encourage children’s motor skill development?

Some exceptional skill development should be followed like;

  • Arrange facilitate activities
  • Teach children to grasp pincer
  • Encourage stacking and begin activities
  • Obsession dumping activities
  • Basic skills development activities
  • Parents have to be patient with utensils

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How can I help my child develop motor skills?

Some activities can develop a child’s motor skills like dressing-wearing, sitting at a table, using spoons

while eating, taking juice with a cup, etc.

What are the five basic motor skills?

Five basic motor skills are standing, sitting, walking, jumping, and running.

What causes fine motor skills delay?

Some obstacles that delay children’s motor skills include weakness, disability, slow learning, development, injury, and other complications.


Motor skill development is a significant part for children’s overall development processes. We have already known the different development factors with two types of motor skill development.

Children must be experts in fine and gross motor skill development for proper development. With appropriate care and developmental activities, a child can be improved for his whole life.


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