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CookingChicken Sharma 

Chicken Sharma 

Chicken sharma

Chicken sharma is a famous food.It is also called chicken wrap.In European countries it is eaten as daily food. But Chicken Sharma is also very famous in countries other than Europe. In other countries like India, Bangladesh and even in  the whole  Indian subcontinent  it is  familiar as a street food or fast food.It is very tasty, tempestuous.Moreover  it is healthy too. Normally people who are on a diet or trying to lose weight  avoid fast food. But the good news is that these people can also easily have chicken sharma. Because it is mainly prepared with salad and chicken. Today we will share with you how to make this tasty food at home.It is very easy to make.You can make this with few household ingredients and you won’t need much time to cook delicious chicken sharma.

It is made in three steps.Firstly, you have to prepare the chicken which you will use to make the chicken sharma. Secondly, you have to prepare the sauce of chicken sharma. And thirdly,you have to prepare the salad and decorate the chicken sharma.These are the 3 easy steps.See how easy it is!

Ingredients :

Ingredients for preparing the chicken:

1.Chicken – 200 g. Two (2) piece.You have to use boneless breast pieces of chicken.If you wish you can use another piece of chicken but it has to be boneless. Breast  chicken is the best for chicken sharma.

2. half (½)teaspoon of  salt. 

3 one fourth (¼) teaspoons of black pepper. 

4.  half (½) teaspoon of  chilli flakes.

5.  one  fourth (¼) teaspoon of red chilli powder.

6. half (½) teaspoon of mixed herbs. If mixed herbs are not available to you, you can use oregano as a substitute for mixed herbs. 

7. half (½) teaspoon of ginger paste.

8.half (½) teaspoon of garlic powder.

9.one (1) tablespoon of lemon juice.

10. one (1) tablespoon of cooking oil.

The amount of chicken ingredients used here can make two chicken sharma.

Ingredients for making sauce

1. one third (⅓) cup of yogurt. 

2. two (2) tablespoons of mayonnaise.If you are on a diet you can skip mayonnaise or you can use light mayonnaise. 

3. one fourth (¼) teaspoon of salt.

4. one fourth (¼) teaspoon black pepper. 

5. half (½) teaspoon of garlic powder.If garlic powder is not available to you, here you can use grated garlic cloves in place of garlic powder.

6.half (½)  teaspoon of red chilli powder. 

A lot of chicken sharma can be made with the amount of the sauce

That’s enough ingredients  for making the sauce.

Caution: You must avoid mayonnaise or use light mayonnaise  in this sauce if you are on diet.Because mayonnaise contains high calories. 

Chicken Sharma

Ingredients for making the salad:

1.For this salad first you need chopped lettuce – according to need.

2. You also need Cube cut tomatoes – it also according to need.

3.Then use chopped onion – according to need.

4.Then you need chopped or sliced cucumber – according to need.

5.After that you need normal bread – one (1). 

Here you can add some more ingredients if you want.You can also add some more vegetables.  If you want, you can use red, yellow or green capsicum to make the salad.These will help to make a good colour and enhance the nutrition.

Caution : If you are on a diet, you must avoid bread.

Cooking steps : 

First you have  to prepare the chicken… For preparing the chicken, follow these statements : 

Take a bowl.Then you have to take all ingredients of chicken without cooking oil.Mix them well.After mixing the ingredients,  keep the chicken to marinate for half an hour. 

After 30 minutes, take a pan on the stove on medium high flame.Then you have to pour the oil on the pan.When the oil will become hot.,  put the chicken on it.You have to fry the chicken. Fry both sides properly on medium high heat. After frying, make slices of the chicken. Slices will not be too large or too small. 

Now you have to make the sauce.. Follow these statements :

To make the sauce first take a bowl.Take all ingredients for making sauce. Mix them properly.And  your sauce is ready…How easy it is! 

A great number of  chicken sharma can be made with the amount of sauce that is made.

Now the main step is…

Take a plate. Take the bread on it. .Spread One (1) or two (2) teaspoon of the sauce you have made on the bread.Spread the sliced chicken. Take the lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cucumber on it.If you want you can again spread the sauce. Then wrap the bread. Your chicken sharma is ready.

Now is the time to decorate it.Chicken sharma itself looks so classy.if you want to decorate it, you can use lettuce, onion’s slice, tomato slices etc. 

You can wrap chicken sharma with a tissue to hold it or keep a spoon and knife with  it while serving.

Chicken sharma is too tasty and it is easy to cook .You can cook chicken sharma at home in a very short time.

Chicken sharma can be taken as breakfast,lunch or dinner, at any time you wish.

Chicken sharma contains carbohydrates, proteins and fat  at the same time.Vegetables in this dish ensure minerals and vitamins. So chicken sharma is a perfect combination of nutrients..

If you eat chicken sharma as breakfast, it will be a healthy breakfast and it will serve energy for the day.

Normally, those who are on a diet to lose weight, should not skip breakfast.Rather than they have to eat a healthy breakfast. For them chicken sharma without mayonnaise can be the best option. 

Chicken sharma can be used in another best way.As it contains almost all types of nutrients you can make it for tiffin for your children. Children like chicken sharma a lot.It is very delicious and tempting. You can make it for tiffin, for serving guests and for anytime meal. 

Enjoy the tasty, nutritious food.

The recipe has been taken from you tube channels.Special thanks to them.

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