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CookingChicken Pizza recipe

Chicken Pizza recipe

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Pizza is a very famous European food.Not only famous, it is too delicious.But nowadays it is also famous in many countries.In Europe it is eaten as lunch or dinner. But in Bangladesh, India and many other countries it is familiar as a fast food.Every people like to eat pizza.It is very delicious. It is also easy to make.We will share with you guys how to make this delicious food in the easiest way.

It is made in 4 steps.Firstly  you need to make the pizza bread.Secondly you have to make pizza sauce and thirdly  is to make chicken curry or fry. Last step is the main pizza making or decorating.

So now let’s know about ingredients.

 Ingredients : 

Ingredients for the pizza bread :

1.Flour – three (3) cups. 

2. Sugar – one (1) tablespoon. 

3.Salt – half (½) tablespoon. 

4.Instant Yeast – one (1) tablespoon.

4.Dry Milk powder – three (3) tablespoons.

5.Cooking oil – two (2) tablespoons. 

6.Water – according to need.

 Ingredients for pizza sauce

1.Chopped onion – half (½) of medium sized.

2.Chopped Garlic – two (2) cloves. 

3.Cut tomato like florets from bottom side – 5 medium sized. 

4.Olive oil – two(2) tablespoons. 

5.Origano – one (1) teaspoon. 

6.Dried playsal – one (1) teaspoon 

7. Chilli flex – half (½) teaspoon 

8.Red chilli powder – half (½) teaspoon. 

9.Black pepper – to taste

10.Salt – to taste

11.Suger – 1 teaspoon.

12.Tomato catchup – 1 tablespoon.

13.Water – as needed. 

For making chicken curry or fry :

1.Cooking oil – two(2)or three (3) tablespoons.

2.Ginger paste – one (1) tablespoon. 

3.Garlic paste – one (1) tablespoon 

4.Boneless cube cut chicken – two hundred and fifty (250) g.

5.Red chilli powder – one (1) and half (½) tablespoon. 

6.Crushed oregano – one (1) tablespoon. 

7.Salt – to taste.

8.Lemom juice – one (1) tablespoon. 

9.Mustard paste – half (½) tablespoon. 

10.Cumin powder – one (1) tablespoon. 

11.Yogurt – one (1) tablespoon. 

 For main pizza making or decorating:

1.Butter – one (1) teaspoon. 

2.Cheese – according to need.

3.Onion slice – half (½) cup.

4. Capsicum slice – one (1) cup.

5.Olives – according to need.

6.Jalapenos – 8/7 slices. 

7.Milk – according to need.

That’s all your ingredients for making chicken pizza..

Now come to the cooking steps:

Cooking steps: 

Pizza bread making :

Take a bowl.Take all these bread making ingredients and mix them well.Make a dough.Transfer the dough into another bowl.Before transferring the dough brush oil into the bowl.Then cover the dough and keep the dough for 2-3 hours.

In the mean time you can prepare the chicken and the sauce. Let’s prepare the chicken.

Take a pan on the stove. Pour oil into it. Give the garlic paste and the ginger paste in the bowl.. Mix them well. Then add chicken to the bowl. Fry it until it becomes whitish. Then give these all ingredients of the chicken without yogurt.Mix them properly. Fry for 2 minutes.After 2 minutes give the yogurt.Then again mix and fry them until well. 

Now you have to make the pizza sauce… 

Take a pan.Pour water into it. When the water starts  boiling then give the tomatoes. Boil tomatoes for 2 minutes.After boiling remove the skin from these. Blend the tomatoes well. Then again take a pan on the stove. Pour the oil.Give the chopped garlics.Fry the garlic for ten (10) seconds. Then give the onions and fry them until the onions become soft.Then add the oregano,pleasure,chilli flakes,chilli powder.Mix them until well and fry them.Then add the tomato paste which you have made.Mix the paste well with all these.Add black pepper, sugar and tomato catchup.Again mix them well.Then cook them for 15 minutes on low flame.And after that  your sauce is ready. 

Now another step,   

After 2-3 hours, open the dough.The dough is now  doubled in size. Cut it through the middle.

Now it’s time for making or decorating main pizza :

Take a roundish plate.Brush butter on the upper surface of the plate.Spread the dough in the plate and shape it like a roundish loaf. Means making the pizza bread with the dough.Then apply the pizza sauce on it.Perforate the surface of pizza with e sharp spoon or sharf stick, so that sauce can enter pizza inside.Then add mozzarella cheese and spread on the upper surface of pizza.The spread fried chicken on the pizza.Then add slices of onion, after that add capsicum slice on the pizza.Then again make a layer of mozzarella cheese.

Then spread olive, jalapenos on the pizza.

After that, brush a little milk along with the border of the pizza.Then set the plate on the oven. Set heat of the oven at 200°c per 392F.Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. You may take some more time or some less.

Now your pizza is ready.Get the pizza out of the oven and serve it while it is hot.

Pizza is too delicious. Many people consider pizza as their favourite food. Pizza is one of the first choices of children

But going to a restaurant is not possible everyday.That’s why, if you know the recipe of pizza, you can make it at home and serve your child, family and friends. It will be also hygienic than that of the restaurants. 

Pizza is easy to cook. Just you have to follow the steps carefully.You can serve pizza for lunch or dinner.Sometimes pizza can be used as snacks for the evening gossip. You can make this amazing dish for your guests and they will surely be happy.

Health Alert:

Pizza is one kind of fast food.So one should not eat pizza regularly.Regular habit of eating pizza is harmful for health.It can cause gas, gastric problem if you take it excessively.Regular eating will increase weight.If you are in diet and trying to reduce weight  then avoid pizza.

The recipe has been taken from you tube channel. Special thanks to them.

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