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CookingCaramel pudding recipe:

Caramel pudding recipe:

Caramel pudding

Pudding,  a very tempting and delicious food.No one can find a person who doesn’t like pudding.

Pudding is used as desert, tiffin, for serving guest,to celebrate occation and many more.

Caramel pudding recipe is very simple and you can make perfect smooth pudding at home.So let’s know how to make caramel pudding at home.


To make caramel pudding , you need only a few ingredients. This is the simplicity of making caramel pudding.So if you want to make pudding for 3-4 to person or medium sized pudding you need,

1.1 cup milk ( 300-350 ml)

2.3 pieces of medium sized egg.

3.1 cup sugar. (Half cup for pudding custard and half cup for caramel)

So that’s it.How easy!

Cooking steps:

1.custard making:

 Take 300-350 ml milk  or 1 cup milk in a bowl, heat it and boiled for 1 time.Don’t heat it for long time.The stop heating the milk and set it for getting cold.

Then take another bowl.Crack 3 egg and pour it into the bowl.Add half cup sugar to the egg.Mix them properly.Stir the mixture for a few minutes.When the milk is cold, then pour the milk into the egg and sugar mixture slowly.At this time stir the mixture continuously. Milk, sugar and egg have to be mixed properly. 

2.Caramel making:

Caramel making is an important part for making caramel pudding.Caramel increases the look and taste of pudding.

So to make caramel take a pan.Pour 3 tablespoon or a little water to it.Then add half cup sugar to the water.Stir them properly and make a perfect solution of sugar and water.Now set the pan for heating.Take the pan on the stove and keep the heat at medium level. Cover the pan with a lid.Wait for the golden coloration of the mixture.Don’t stir the solution at this moment.In the last stage of golden colouration you can move the pan for a few moments.

So caramel is ready.Pour the caramel as early as possible to the bowl in which you will make pudding.Unless you do fast, caramel will be sticked to the pan.So do it fast.Then move the bowl a little and spread the caramel throughout the whole base of the bowl.Don’t use any spoon or other instruments to spread the caramel.

Then wait for a while.

3.Set the custard in a bowl and set it to cook.

When caramel is set in the bowl, then it is ready to receive  pudding custard on it.Now pour the pudding custard on the bowl carefully.At this time use a sieve above the bowl.This is important for removing excessive particles and air bump.Then move the bowl carefully so that pudding get spreaded to the bowl surface equally.

Now, set a large  pan on the stove.Keep something on the stove that will separate the bowl of pudding and the surface of the pan.There must be a gap between the pan’s surface and the bowl of pudding custard. Then set the bowl on that stand on the pan.Pour water on the pan as much as it covers the lower two third of the bowl.Then cover the bowl with a lid.Do it carefully and perfectly, otherwise water will enter the pudding and your pudding will be wasted.

After that, cover the pan with another large lid.Then hit the pan at which temperature water will be boiled.Hit the pan for 25-40 minute. This time depends on the material of the bowl you will use for pudding cooking. 

After cooking, stop heating and take down the bowl from the pan and keep it at room temperature. Easily speaking, keep it cool at room temperature. Then freeze the pudding in the same bowl for at least 2 to 5 hours.Don’t  separate the previous bowl before freezing.Pudding will be completely set after freezing.

But if you want  the most delicious taste of pudding then freeze it for the whole night and eat it in the morning. 

After freezing the pudding, it’s time to serve.Take a plate, cover the pudding with a bowl, then move it upward or rotate it carefully, then set the pudding on the plate.But before doing that take a spoon or knife to separate the surface of the bowl and pudding.

So your pudding is ready to serve.If you make perfect pudding,then it will look smooth,slightly brown,smooth surface of caramel upward and spongy texture of pudding. If you want to give a different shape of pudding, then you can use a different shaped  mold to form a different shaped slice of pudding.

Some people can’t tolerate the smell of egg or hate egg.You can use vanilla essence 2 or 3 drops to the mixture while making the custard or pudding.This vanilla essence will add another taste and smell of pudding.

This was the recipe for a medium sized pudding.If you want to make pudding larger than it, then increase the amount proportionately.

A few tips:

1.Don’t  add hot water to the pudding custard or egg-sugar mixture. Then the perfect pudding won’t be made.

2.Don’t touch the caramel,it can cause burns to your skin.

3.If you want to make pudding in a very short time,then use a bowl which is made of material.It will decrease the cooking time of cooking.

4.Don’t  add egg to hot water, add cold water to the mixture of egg -sugar continuously.

5.For getting more taste, freeze the pudding for more time.

Pudding contains high protein and sugar.It is perfect as a dessert  item.You can serve it after dinner,in any program or special day.But pudding should not be eaten everyday or in large amounts. Because it contains high amounts of sugar.Sugar should not be eaten more.Patients with diabetes and high pressure, please avoid pudding.

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