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InsuranceCan I Renew My 15 Year Term Life Insurance Policy 

Can I Renew My 15 Year Term Life Insurance Policy 

Everyone wants to know whether I can renew my 15-year term life insurance policy. You can extend or renew your life insurance policy if you want to if the life insurance policy that you have taken out for you 15 years ago expires. Or you can let it end like that if you prefer. It depends on you. 

If you die during the term of the policy, your beneficiaries will get a fixed amount from your money, which is commonly known as the death benefit. 

Are you wondering what to do when the policy you bought 15 years ago expires? But keep in mind that you and your family have changed a lot in the last 15 years. 

Our policy is renewable to understand what type of protection your family currently needs. Only then can you ensure the safety of your family.

What is a renewed life insurance policy? 

You have many questions like can i renew my 15 year term life insurance policy? So here we describe to you all your questions and solutions. In that case, you can easily understand everything. 

A fresh start term life insurance means that you can renew your policy even after its initial term has expired. As a result, your coverage will still be valid even if its coverage ends. 

Renewal of old policy is a much better and better process than doing new policy. But if taking a new policy or renewing the previous policy also indicates your various bad situations or financial condition. But no one is behind this. He takes this facility when he needs it.

Term life insurance working process and post-termination

Generally, a life insurance policy is valid for 10 to 30 years after taking out. Some of them buyterm policies for their whole life, some buy policies for a few years. It depends on one’s choice. 

However, it is always seen that in the case of universal and whole life insurance, cash value permanent coverage is provided by the company. The term life insurance policies are a little different. This is done only by those who want it. 

After his death, his beneficiaries like his wife, his family, and his relatives get this money. This is possible for him only if he dies during the term. But it is seen that many people have high which causes his policy to expire but he is still alive. In such a case he can renew his previous policy if he wants to. 

Nowadays many people are adopting this approach. Because they want his family and his children to be well after he dies. They should not touch anyone. May their study continue. And so here are 3 ways to renew your policy after the expiry of 15 years:

1) Extending current term policy:

The fact is that you can make your policy renewable as per your wish till you reach the age of 95. Almost all life insurance policies have the feature that your death benefit will be paid to you, your coverage will be given to you, you don’t need to undergo any kind of medical examination for this, and you don’t even need to write anything in any other documents. 

And so if you want to extend your policy term then insurance company members will change your life insurance policy premium. Although this is a very simple medium, many may not like it very much. But our opinion is since you have the option why not do it.

2) Convert term policy to permanent:

Nowadays there are many term life insurance policies, where you can find many alternative ways to convert your term life insurance to permanent life insurance, even without giving proof of your insurance policy. 

Life insurance companies are seen even asking for medical examinations if they convert anything. And in many places, it is not necessary to do that. They decide it by themselves. This is not a new topic now. 

Many times you can change your renewable job any time of the year. Again many times it can be done basically in the first few years. So I would say it is a very advantageous arrangement for you.

3) Getting a new insurance policy in terms of life insurance:

How much property did you have before and how much property you can own now? Is there any need to renew your life insurance policy at all? 

Also, it may be that you are poor and have a large family, whose monthly expenses are high. If this happens then you can renew your policy again if you want. But you can think of renewal only after completing 15 years of your tenure.

What happens when a 15 year term insurance policy expires? 

After you buy your policy, you have to deposit an amount every month or year to keep it active. It may be for 10 years or it may be for life. 

If you die while the policy is going on, then your family will enjoy the money. And if you are still alive after that period, you can buy a new policy or make the old policy renewable.

Is it possible to add years to a term life insurance policy? 

You cannot change your existing insurance policy in any way, nor can you extend its term. However, you can convert your life insurance policy to permanent life insurance if you want this. Again you can attach new policies to it.


Here we broadly describe to you about can I renew my 15 year term life insurance policy. So I think now you can fully understand this. It will be easy for you to buy police and enjoy your tension-free life. There are many options after the term policy ends, but you have to choose which one is right for you.

Besides, whether you can make your previous policy renewable will depend on the duration of your current policy. So we are the solution to all your problems.

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