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InsuranceBest Insurance Companies of 2022

Best Insurance Companies of 2022

Buying life insurance means providing financial security to your family or loved ones. Also, buying insurance is important, but buying insurance is very confusing.

There are a few types of insurance like- Term life insurance, fixed life insurance policies, etc. We researched customer reviews, complaints, and their financial system.

You must be looking for the best insurance companies. So in this article, I will tell you aboutthe best insurance companies of 2022. 

Five Best Insurance Companies Of 2022

There are thousands of insurance companies here. Many of them sell almost the same policies. So it is wise to do some work and research about insurance companies.

Here I listed the best insurance companies of 2022 according to the best ratings.

1. Heaven Life

Heaven life is one of the highest-rated insurance companies. It provides online services. It’s effortless to apply online. And there are agents to help if anyone needs any problem. You can chat online even if you want any support. One doesn’t need to provide personal information until they are sure about getting the policy. Many people don’t need any medical tests to get insurance. Many applications are approved in minutes.

Heaven life has two types of insurance

One is Heaven term, and another is Heaven simple. The policy Heaven term gives coverage up to $3 million, and its duration is between 10 and 30 years. And it’s the term policy. The other one, Heaven simple, is also a term policy. But it is not like the Heaven term. Heaven simple has lower coverage amounts, and its duration is shorter, too; it’s between 5 and 20 years. Heaven life doesn’t issue the policy to sell, which MassMutual, a best-rated company, issues. They both have an A++ financial rate service. They have a nonconvertible Term policy and only provide the term policies.

2. MassMutual

Massachusetts Mutual life insurance company is often shortened to MassMutual. It is one of the ancient and prominent companies. It existed from 1851. Massmutual provides four kinds of policies.

1. Term,

2. Whole,

3. Universal,

4. Variable Universal.

You can apply through Heaven life, a MassMutual subsidiary. When you are approved, coverage will start immediately. When you apply online, they only can apply for a term policy. You must contact for Whole, Universal, and variable universal policies. MassMutual’s 2022 dividend payout is the highest yet at almost $1.85 billion.

The most impressive thing about MassMutual is its financial rating from AM best. And it’s the highest rating for a company. MassMutual has been paying dividends well from the first. But they don’t accept credit card payments. They have very few client allegations.

3. Nationwide

Nationwide is a well-known insurance company. This company has been working for almost a century. Nationwide was established in 1926. Its headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. Its assets are $210.9 billion. They ranked 2nd in J.D. power’s 2021 client pleasure study. Their insurance policy is mainly sold with an independent agent.

Nationwide has five types of policy.

They are-

1. Whole life,

2. Term,

3. Universal,

4. Variable universal,

5. Indexed universal.

Nationwide have very few customers complaining and allows credit card payments. And almost all policies included life benefits. But their website is difficult to understand and uses complex language, and big lines, which are very hard to understand, especially the lower class people are unable to understand.

***Life Insurance Riders Available

1. Sudden death benefits riders.

2. Child life insurance.

3. Chronic illness rides.

4. Critical illness riders.

5. Disability riders.

6. Early/ enhanced cash value riders.

7. Estate protection riders.

8. Guaranteed insurance ability riders.

9. Lapse protection riders.

10. Long-term care riders.

11. Convert riders.

12. Over loan protection riders.

13. Return of premium riders.

14. Spouse/ other insured riders.

But the availability of riders depends on the type of the policy. Research all the policies guideline because all the policies will not build money. Nationwide is a good choice because they provide younger life insurance buyers who need reliable policy illustrations over the long term and policies with an excellent historical performance of invested assets to grow cash value.

4. Protective

Protective comes with the banner of the cheapest term life insurance. This company was established in 1907. It offers five types of policies. They are-

1. Indexed universal

2. Term

3. Universal

4. variable universal

5. Whole life.

Protective offers customers term coverage due to during that time 40 years. It is very uncommon in the industry. Most companies offer 30 years. They ranked 16 out of 21 companies for client pleasure. The company has an A+ rating to AM better for economic stability. They allow credit card payments.

5. Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has four types of policies.

1. Indexed universal.

2. Term.

3. Universal.

4. Final expense.

They offer an unusual disability earning rider and return-giving term insurance. You can get more than a scheme with a living advantage. They get the choice of returning the premium term. You can tap the tap benefits earlier if you have a enable sickness. Mutual of Omaha doesn’t provide the service of applying online. You have to connect an agency to take an insurance policy to Mutual of Omaha. They accept credit cards.

How to choose the right insurance companies for you?

While trying to choose the right insurance companies for insurance, here are several topics you should keep in your mind.

1. What policies are available?

2. What kind of coverage do they give?

3. Riders that will adequately meet your necessity.

4. Customer satisfaction and review.

5. Differences between the prizes of companies.


Having life insurance is an essential thing. It will help you with your illness, and after your death, it will support your family or loved one to survive.

Everyone should have life insurance. But making the right choice is very important. To help you to choose the best policy and company for you, I wrote about the Best life insurance companies of 2022. Hope it will help you to choose the best one for you.


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