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Baby & CareBaby weaning food: Things need to know

Baby weaning food: Things need to know

Do you have babies? Then, your babies must go through some of their most critical life stages.
Your baby will learn to smile, cry, shout, crawl, etc., step by step.

Among all these learning sessions, feeding own self is critical. Feeding training is an ongoing
and regular vital issue for all parents. Parents face different problems in teaching feeding training
to their babies.

We are highly excited today to discuss the feeding training of the babies and will share some
essential and practical tips for doing this task efficiently. Let’s start-

What is baby weaning?

Naturally, babies are habituated to breastfeeding for up to 2 to 3 years. After a certain period,
they need to be learned by taking weaning. You can teach your babies to start weaning through
some techniques.

Generally, babies start their solid food with puree and homemade nutritious food. Parents start
their weaning training with a spoon. You can consider it spoon feeding. According to some
experts, babies can skip some traditional foods based on their taste.

Before starting the weaning food, you need to know some essential facts like-
 Learn how to make baby puree at home
 Make puree based on six months to two years
 Know about the exact amount of food based on the baby’s age
 Try to make a food source of protein, calcium, fat, etc
 Make a food source with nutrition interchangeably
 Try to make fruit puree
 Learn about the proper weaning method for your baby
 Make food source for free bowel movement

What will you need to start weaning?

Just keep in mind the essential requirements for making weaning. You will need only two
conditions like;

  • Your passion for making foods for your baby
  • Select a clean kitchen for cooking foods with all essential materials
    Benefits of weaning food
    Weaning foods have significant benefits for parents and babies. Let’s know about the expected
    benefits of weaning foods-
  1. Enhance social interactions
    Eating weaning foods is an excellent advantage for babies to bond with family members. It will
    provide a great experience and excitement to the babies. It will be an excellent time for the
    children to pass with all. They will learn about meal time and feeding rules joining with others.
  2. Food diverse
    Babies are habited with a diversity of food. They want to choose diversification of food items.
    Gradually, babies like one by one food items with changing times. The different textures and
    tastes will provide an extra advantage to the babies.
  3. Time-saving process
    Weaning food preparation usually saves time for parents. It generally becomes more critical for
    parents to feed their babies within a specific time. Sometimes, it’s become late to provide them
    timely, and this feeding can be skipped. Weaning food saves time. When babies are busy
    feeding, their mothers can do other tasks.
  4. Save your money
    Formula and package foods are comparatively expensive. All parents cannot be able to feed the
    formula to their children. When you make a different food item for your family members,
    feeding the babies outside foods is unnecessary. You can start the solid with your children. This
    food pattern will save you money and make you more consume.
  5. Creativity of children
    Children learn to eat weaning foods that can increase their creativity more. They can learn a lot
    of things with this feeding process. Parents should start solid foods with their children based on
    their certain ages. The more new learning matters, the new updated and innovative things you
    have to gain.
    When should you start weaning food?
    Weaning foods need to be started from a certain age. Sometimes, parents look forward to
    overlooking the developmental progresses of their children. By managing different signs and
    symptoms, parents can decide to feed the weaning foods to their children.
    On average, parents start to provide weaning foods to their children at around six months. It is a
    milestone period for every child. But, babies are not the same in all situations.
    Every child is different in their developing sectors along with choosing. They are different in
    food tasting. So, children also start taking weaning food based on their physical condition and
    digestive capability.
    Is weaning safe for children?
    Safety depends on different factors. Before starting weaning, parents need to follow some
    processes. Babies need to sit upright to be stable and provide full support to the children. Your
    child can be more frightening about taking this solid food for the first time. So, you have to
    maintain this situation technically.

Maintain hygiene in the place of feeding and the feeding materials. So, be concerned about the
safety of the weaning feeding processes. Your baby will enjoy the new feeding process.
What foods should you provide?
Always select the food items that are very soft according to the chew of the babies. Besides this,
you must concentrate on the weaning foods’ nutrients. Let’s know the foods that are necessary for
your children-

  • Puree soft foods like vegetables, banana, avocado, sweet potato, kiwi, pear, sweet mango, soft
    meat, soft fish, etc.

What foods should you avoid?
The foods you need to avoid-
Texture and food nutrients are the most crucial to consider before weaning children. The foods
you need to avoid-

  • Carrots, popcorn, corn chips, grapes, hard vegetables, nuts, peanut, butter, cheese, etc.
    Food consideration based on children’s age is critical because you never provide some foods to
    your children less than one year of age. Again, parents need to consider the allergic situation of
    their children. Just identify the foods that will create an allergy in your children.
  • Conclusion
    Feeding training is an essential part of all children. Children are growing up learning many more
    valuable things and have a significant advantage throughout their lives.
    Parental care and proper training can make your children more creative and adventurous. These
    will make them jolly enough with different works. Parents need to be concerned about the food
    menu and taste of children before preparing weaning foods.

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